2WCOM X-4sd

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2WCOM X-4sd

Audio and MPX switch/splitter

4-channel digital audio/MPX matrix

The X-4sd is the perfect companion for redundant audio and MPX streaming.

Flexible in application: The X-4sd offers four input and output stereo channels for audio/MPX splitting and switching. The switching can be automated via adjustable signal presence detection.

Pay as you grow: All soft- and hardware components are individually combinable. Please ask for more details.

Smart management: Offering multiple access levels like Read-only, Manager & Administrator gives the operator various possibilities to grant access to the device. For remote control, the codec offers various possibilities – GPIO, WebGUI, or SNMP.


  • 4 stereo channel audio splitter or audio switches selectable in one device
  • Bypass relay for continuous operation, even after power failure
  • Dual power supplies


  • Up to four audio/MPX outputs (AES/EBU)
  • Active powered distribution amplifier for each output
  • Manual input selection
  • In case of power failure, passive bypass


  • Up to two independent audio/MPX switches
  • Combinable with splitter
  • Adjustable detection of audio or MPX presence and automatic switchover
  • In case of power failure, passive bypass


  • Remote control via IP (SNMP/WebGUI) and GPIO
  • Headphone output