Solidyne DX 816 Digital Console With AoIP option

Written by David Shapiro

On January 1, 2023
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This digital console uses a new concept in technology developed especially for the new generation of FM radios. Solidyne DX816 has 12 input channels with AoIP option (Audio over IP). It has 5 microphone inputs with high-resolution pre-amplifier and audio compressor. The attenuators (faders) are ceramic and have a useful life of 15 years. Features 3 built-in 5604 conference phone hybrids controlled by illuminated soft touch keys; 1 hybrid operates cell phone via Bluetooth (no cables). The USB inputs allow direct connection to a PC, dispensing with the use of external audio cards. More info and pricing here >

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Blog Solidyne DX 816 Digital Console With AoIP option