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VSwitcher is a user interface designed for a Radio Studio environment, to allow you to control anything via GPIO.

It also has inbuilt audio level meters, and can display logos and text on-screen to guide the user.

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VSwitcher is available as a free download which is fully functional for the first 10 commands (button presses or GPIs received). after which the application needs to be restarted. Also any audio meters enabled will only work for 15 minutes, after which they will disappear from the screen. An “unlicenced” message appears in each corner of the free version.

Please note that a licence is tied to a machine name and is not transferrable. Once we receive payment, we will ask for the machine name to tie the licence to, and send you a licence file to save on the machine. Multiple instances of the application on a single PC require separate licences.

The price shown is for a single license. A 33% discount will be applied at checkout for the 2nd and subsequent licences purchased at the same time and for the same product.

Please be sure to download the free trial and ensure you are happy with the product before purchasing a licence. Licences are non-refundable.

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