titus labs MLW 4

The Titus Technological Laboratories MLW-4 was inspired by years of products like the MLW-1, MLW-2, MLW-8, and The Last Word (I and II).

The features of the MLW-4 make it the superior choice for automatic mono, stereo and alternate channel routing. The MLW-4 can be not only used for simple correction of a problem with an input source but be used to integrate EANS broadcast tests and emergency notices, testing of audio sources prior to putting them on the air, AND control of audio for alternate channel programming or even monitoring and control of an AM and FM stereo facility with one box! All of the automatic functions are programmed via the front panel push buttons or via the internet including time delays, sequencing, and alarm output relay functions. All programming is stored internally in non-volatile ram.

The MLW-4 is primarily designed for the main audio path, both main channel programming (Primary outputs) and can be located either at the studio end or the transmitter end to provide automatic audio redundancy paths. (The inputs and outputs to the MLW-4 are balanced, bridging.)

Manual control provides the user with selection of which source is on the air, and how that source is treated. Automatic routing to another source with an error condition (loss of channel or silence of the source) is also accommodated. The MLW-4 has twin Primary output channels. The time delay before action is user programmable to several minutes (1 second increments).

Internet control of the MLW-4 lets the user monitor audio activity remotely via any web browser. Control of the MLW-4 as well as many other monitoring functions are also available via the internet. Remote control via the DB-25 provides the user with an onsite remote control unit to control which source is on line. Full relay outputs (dry closure) of either which sources are silent or which source “preset” is currently online.

The front panel of the MLW-4 provides metering and programming messages on an LCD display. Active source LEDs are also provided. Unique to the MLW-4 is a headphone jack with volume/balance controls.

Any input or combinations of inputs can be routed to either output under preset signal loss conditions or remote command. An internal clock keeps a log of signal loss events or command events. This “Event” log as well as total control of the MLW-4 can be made via any web browser on a LAN connection or via the internet. Additionally, a user can be notified via email of an error condition.

The MLW-4 is a total automatic audio switching, monitoring, notification system all in one box.

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