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The Titus Technological Laboratories MLW-2 was inspired by years of products like the MLW-1, MLW-4, MLW-8, and The Last Word (I and II). The features of the MLW-2 make it the superior choice for automatic stereo and alternate channel routing.

The MLW-2 can be not only used for simple correction of a problem with an input source but be used to integrate EAS broadcast tests and emergency notices, testing of audio sources prior to putting them on the air, AND control of audio for an SCA or SAP channel.

Almost all of the automatic functions are programmed via the front panel push buttons including time delays, sequencing, and thresholds. All programming is stored internally in non-volatile ram.

The MLW-2 is primarily designed for the main audio path, both main channel programming (Primary outputs) and SAP- SCA channel programming (Secondary output) and can be located either at the studio end or the transmitter end to provide automatic audio redundancy paths.

The inputs to the MLW-2 are programmable level inputs (+10 dBm to -10 dBm in 1 dB increments), balanced, bridging. The output levels are adjustable between +18 dBm and -40 dBm in 1 dB increments making the MLW-2 a perfect level translation device. The outputs are crossed balanced differential drivers capable of driving 600 ohms or greater.

All conditions are “cross faded” between them providing “seamless” audio transitions. Manual control provides the user with selection of which source is on the air, and how that source is treated (stereo, out-of-phase stereo, the sum of the input channels, the difference between the input channels, the left or the right input channel into both outputs). Automatic “channel fill” is provided for missing channel conditions. Automatic routing to another source with an error condition (loss of channel or silence of the source) is also accommodated with threshold set in 1 dB increments.

Polarity correction of audio inputs is also automatic. The threshold of what really “constitutes” out-of-phase is also settable to accommodate surround sound polarity problems.

The secondary output can either be the output from an Auxiliary audio source or the sum of the audio present on the main Primary output channels. Thus, a second language channel can appear on the Auxiliary audio input and when that source disappears (goes silent) the MLW-2 will automatically bring up the sum of the main Primary output channels (or main program audio). The time delay and silence threshold are user programmable (1 second increments, 1 dB level).

Remote control via the DB-37 provides the user with manual remote control of which source is on line, which source is feeding the Secondary output, and full alarm outputs (either open collector out or relay outputs are provided for various operating alarms).

A secondary remote control is provided via an RS-232 link (9600 8/N/1) which provides alarm messages to a “dumb terminal” as well as some more precise calibration procedures for the MLW-2.

An optional built-in modem lets the MLW-2 be called from a remote location for remote control and reporting as well as remote down load of custom software for the MLW-2.

The MLW-2 remote control DB-37 also provides the user with a source of audio the can be directly fed into a stereo amplifier and speakers for monitoring of ANY of the input sources.

The front panel of the MLW-2 provides metering and alarm and programming messages on an LCD display. Alarm and active source LEDs are also provided. Unique to the MLW-2 is a front panel headphone jack and pushbutton volume controls. Using the source selection control the user can monitor any of the input sources using a pair of headphones. The front panel metering LCD can be switched to meter either Left channel and Right channel or the Sum and Difference of the selected input source.

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