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The Titus Labs MDA-8 offers a unique approach to monitoring both digital and analog audio is provided by the Titus Technological Laboratories’ MDA-8. Six AES-3 digital sources and two stereo analog sources can be switched to and monitored. Each of the AES-3 digital inputs feed an internal DAC on the MDA-8 with stereo balanced audio outputs from each digital input provided on the rear of the unit. This allows each digital input to be decoded with the stereo audio on that input available as an analog output. Two stereo analog sources can also be switched to and monitored.

Each digital input is also monitored for digital errors and loss of audio on the source and any problems will trigger an internal relay for the remote alarm of the problem. The two analog inputs are also monitored for loss of audio and trigger an internal relay for remote alarm. Time delay as well as loss of audio threshold are set via the front panel.

The MDA-8 switched AES digital and analog source is output both in AES digital and analog on the rear panel (balanced stereo outputs). The level of the selected source is presented on a front panel LED meter. The meter features a true peak-hold function and a mono check button that turns the meters from showing the left and right channels to showing the sum and difference audio (checking for polarity and mono integrity). The MDA-8 has a front panel headphone jack that lets the user to listen to the switched source and the sum and difference audio when the mono button is pressed.

Switched analog audio output level from the 8 audio sources (6 digital and 2 stereo analog sources) is via a front panel volume control which features a user-set pre-set level button. The AES digital output is set at a fixed level. The sample rate of the output is user selectable. The headphones also feature a user-set pre-set level button.

Another unique capability of the MDA-8 is connectivity to the internet via an RJ-45 jack on the rear panel. The MDA-8 has an internal web server that can be attached to a local LAN or to the internet. This access allows the user to use his browser to remotely switch between MDA-8 sources and monitor status of each source from anywhere in the world.

The MDA-8 features a universal power supply (100 to 240 VAC input) as well as “Phoenix” type terminals are provided on the rear panel. Remote alarm conditions are via a DB-9 type connector.

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