tieline Gateway 4

Introducing the New Generation 4 Channel IP Audio Codec

The Tieline Gateway4 TLR6200-4 is a powerful DSP-based 1RU IP codec designed for live remote broadcasting applications, as well as STL or SSL links. The Gateway-4 enables the transport of multiple channels of mono or stereo audio across the Public Internet or any QoS-enabled IP network, including T1 and T3 connections and private WANs with MPLS. The Gateway includes support for AES67, ST 2110-30, AES3 and analog I/O as standard.

Gateway-4 Delivers Best-In-Class DSP-Based Reliability And Performance

The new generation Gateway-4 delivers best-in-class DSP-based reliability and performance for mission-critical broadcast streaming applications. It is ideal for:

  • Remote broadcast applications.
  • Studio-to-Transmitter Links (STLs)
  • Studio-to-Studio Links (SSLs)

The Gateway-4 is designed for solutions requiring up to 4 audio streaming channels with advanced redundancy features and remote configuration and control. It supports 4 full-duplex audio channels in 1RU and is backwards compatible with all Tieline IP codecs. The Gateway-4 provides two stereo connections, one stereo and two mono connections, or up to 4 mono connections.

SmartStream PLUS redundant streaming

Connect multiple IP links to codecs and use SmartStream PLUS to stream simultaneous redundant data streams and deliver seamless redundancy when streaming over IP.

Bond multiple interfaces with Fuse-IP

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you can bond data links from different Telcos and let Tieline’s Fuse-IP technology automatically manage the data capability of each link!


The Gateway-4 is perfect for STL, SSL and audio distribution applications, with support for multicasting and multiple unicasting technologies. It is also perfect for managing multiple incoming remotes at the studio and can simultaneously connect to up to 4 hardware codecs or Report-IT Enterprise smartphone app users.

  • Studio-To-Transmitter Links (STL)
  • Studio-To-Studio Links (SSL)
  • Managing multiple incoming remotes at the studio

Multiple Backup Options

The Gateway-4 has multiple levels of power, audio and network redundancy. The codec features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual AoIP ports, dual internal power supplies, automated audio silence detection and IP network backup solutions to ensure you’re always on the air.

Automated network failure detection provides auto-switching to a backup IP connection. The codec can automatically switch between 4 backup audio sources to maintain program output at transmitter sites. It is also possible to fail over to ISDN using an optional ISDN module. IP fail over options include:

  • Connection audio.
  • Icecast streaming client.
  • Audio file backup.
  • Hardware bypass of audio inputs to outputs if power fails.
  • Dimensions: 19” x 1 3/4” x 11 13/16” [482mm (W) x 44.45mm (H) x 300mm (D)] excluding rear connectors
  • Weight: 4 Kg /8 lb 13.100 oz
  • Power: Dual AC 90-240V IEC power inlets; 2A 50-60 Hz
  • Operating temp: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
  • Humidity: 20% ≤RH ≤70% (0 to 35°C/32°F to 95°F), non-condensing
  • IP Algorithms: Tieline Music, Tieline MusicPLUS, Opus, G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer-3 LC-AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AACv.2, AAC-LD, AAC-ELD, 16/24 bit aptX® Enhanced algorithm*
  • IP (uncompressed): Linear PCM16/24 bit 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz sampling


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