tem dual cast m vision


M-VISION Series represents the state of the art of the worldwide TV transmitter technology. In a compact solution 2 RU, it covers a power range up to 400W rms / 600W p.s. and supports DVBT/H / T2, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB/DAB+/T-DMB, ATSC, PAL and NTSC modulations. Of course, Dual Cast analog and digital configuration is also supported.

M-VISION can be a medium power transmitter, a regenerative transmitter or even a transposer, Gap Filler with Single Frequency Echo Canceller (perfect for Single Frequency Network), all in a single hardware. It can be equipped and configured with different input interfaces (Audio/Video, Satellite Receiver, ASI, Gigabit Ethernet or RF).

M-VISION allows selection of transmission modes remotely using or SNMP commands or TCP/IP using the Web graphic interface. Functional interfaces are available for total remote control of the apparatus by means of serial protocols or TCP/IP ports. Thanks to the internal Web server the apparatus can be easily monitored and configured and updated using a LAN connection and a standard Web browser. Moreover, the built-in SNMP agent allows full automated remote control.

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