Eurotel 5Kw

5 KW UHF Television Analog(or digital)Transmitter

It is a professional television UHF transmitter band 470-860 MHz complete consisting of:

– N.08 Amplifier Modules ;
– N.01 , Modulator / Driver ;
– N.01 Passband filter output ( Also suitable for digital transmission ) ;
– N.02 Coupler Modules ;
– N.01 Stabilizer ;
– N.02 Racks / Cabinets ;
– N.01 Control Logic

The transmitter works with both analogue to digital technology ( with replacement of the modulator with a digital DVB-T or ATSC) .

Currently is designed for transmitting analog PAL modulator (or NTSC with modulator change ) .

One minor issue: the display shows only half, (if you want we can replace the display but at additional cost ), the rest of the transmitter works fine.

The machine has been tested and works fine

Power supply 380 Vac three-phase .

Consumption 12 kw

. 5

BW Price Guarantee

(Subject to conditions)

Eurotel 5Kw


Tech Support

2-Year Warranty


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