Elettronika 2W DVB-T/H TV Transmitter

Digital DVB-T/H COFDM VHF III Band Elettronika Television Transmitter 2 Watt.

The item for sale is a Digital television transmitter on optimal conditions. All settings are programmable from the front panel display (modulation , channel coding , power level , etc.). .

For setting the output channel requires no calibration (you do everything from display).

Can ‘ work both using DVB -T or DVB / H. ASI signal input (from Enoder or Mux).

The apparatus is capable of operating both in SFN (Single Frequency Network) in which MFN ( Multi Frequency Network) .

The output power of this device is 2 Watt RMS Digital

Particularly useful for small repeaters Gap – Filler or to drive the power amplifiers .

The transmitter can ‘be calibrated over the entire VHF Band III (Channel D – H2) .

With an internal modification you can make it work even in the UHF band (CH 21/69 – 470-860 Mhz) . This change is not included in the sale price.

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Elettronika 2W DVB-T/H TV Transmitter


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