syes 130

130/200W ISDB, DVBT/T2 Multistandard digital TV transmitter

  • Digital/Analog multi-standard Operation - Digital - COFDM: DVB-T2*? DVB-T/H ? ISDB-T/SBTVD ? DTMB - Analog: PAL, NTSC
  • Fully qualified for SFN
  • Configurable as Transmitter or Repeater*
  • Repeater* configurations: regenerative -SFN gap-filler (echo canceller)
  • Inputs: dual ASI / ethernet (GBE) / sat* (DVB-S2-multistr.-CAM slot) / off-air* (RF)
  • Hitless input switching (SFN),
  • Frequency agile - ?static? or ?adaptive? pre-correction
  • Hierarchical (DVB-T) ; Multi-PLP (DVB-T2); ONE-SEG (ISDB-T) transmission
  • Single phase voltage supply
  • Frequency ref: - built-in high stability OCXO, - input for optional external source - Built-in GPS receiver
  • Front-panel display for direct equipment control.
  • SNMP and web pages for external/remote control
  • Easy SW/FW update - remote (Ethernet) - local (USB flash key) - ASI stream (OTA service)
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Syes 130/200W DVB/T2

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