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StationPlaylist Streamer is a stand-alone stream encoder application for Windows. This is designed to take the audio from the soundcard, optionally pass it through a software compressor/limiter, and encode the audio to a stream in various/multiple formats for broadcasting on the internet.

This software does not produce or play any audio. StationPlaylist Creator and StationPlaylist Studio is designed for that purpose.

StationPlaylist Studio contains a stream encoder module but this is not suitable when using a mixing console.  Streamer is required to record the audio output from the mixer and encode it to a stream.

Streamer is also required when using 3rd party automation or media player software.

Stream encoding can be taxing on the CPU, and Streamer enables encoding on a separate PC away from the automation software.

Streamer encodes the audio to a stream and sends it to a stream server for distribution to your listeners. We offer stream hosting, or you can use any other stream hosting company with Streamer.

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