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Cubic Tower Encloses are designed for use in offices, laboratories and other environments where floor space is at a premium. By utilising unused room under desks, tower units release valuable desktop space. They accept standard rack-mounting equipment in a variety of positions, and can easily be fitted with computers and peripheral equipment. By fitting castors, towers can easily be relocated, so they are ideal for test and shared equipment.


Standard sizes are available to suit most equipment configurations, and RFI shielding capability enables screening from emissions and immunity to prevent conflict with other equipment. The extensive choice of sizes makes it easy for equipment manufacturers to build product families sharing a uniform appearance and image. All paneling is trapped within the extrusion by an IP55 environmental rubber seal, which prevents rattling.


The EMC screening is achieved through gaskets fitted in-board of the IP seals. The gaskets are therefore protected from any moisture contamination. The level of screening can be increased by reducing the interval between each gasket, so finely tuned screening levels can be achieved without incurring the costs of unwanted higher performance. The screening level achieved is 40dB from 100MHz up to 500MHz.


The range complies with IP55 ingress protection standard, with snugly fitting rattle-free covers that protect against dust and water ingress (when subjected to low pressure water jets from all directions).


Cubic’s design provides impressive integral strength as well as highly efficient bonding. Specially designed corner joints allow full LVD approved earth bonding, via the joints. Up to Class 1 bonding can be specified, providing sufficient earth protection to house an open-framed PSU. Earthing at each corner also enhances the shielding performance and avoids the need for earth wires, which can snag and make a unit unsafe.


Variable-position front and rear equipment amounting uprights, permit recess mounting, if required. Angle supports can be added to independently support heavier equipment. Solid or glass doors can be hung to left or right, top or bottom and with 180°opening for total access.


Height:Internal where 1U = 44.45mm
Width:Internal mounting for standard 19" 84HP or 10.5" half width 42HP
Depth:Overall External
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