sonifex pc rack1

The Sonifex PC-RACK1  is a 1U industrial rackmount PC to run the PC-FLS8 Flashlog 8 software. It has a single PCIe slot so can only be used with one PCIe audio or radio capture card, ideal for logging up to 32 FM, or 32 AM channels or 4 DAB ensembles. It uses an Intel i5 processor, has 8GB RAM, runs Windows 10 Professional and uses SATA RAID with 2 x 2TB HDD. It also has a DVD-RW drive and separate keyboard and mouse.

Please note that the PC-FLS8 Flashlog 8 software is not automatically included with these systems and must be ordered separately. Also, as is common with PC systems, the specification can change so contact Sonifex to check the latest product specs.

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Sonifex PC-RACK1


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