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The Solidyne UNIDEX UX24 is one of the most advanced IP consoles, Solidyne has created UNIDEX technology (UNIversal-Desk-with-EXternal adapters) It is based on a panel of attenuators that handles 24 channels and to you can add ALL the necessary and future devices that the technology throws at you.

UNIDEX inputs accept UDX adapters that are connected by a data bus to the console CPU. This allows the operator to manage from any channel of the console, all kinds of actions such as operating telephone lines (POT, VoIP), connecting cell phones via Bluetooth, Linphone or Skype communications, setting up conferences between them, installing intercoms, managing TV cameras that are automatically operated by microphones. Use all 24 channels of the console, without using expensive special modules

No other console offers the new UNIDEX technology …

The UX24 is fully INTEGRAL maintaining the current wiring of your studio because you do not need to use an AoIP network which lowers installation costs. But the version with AoIP Dante AES67 is the perfect solution for those who want to have EVERYTHING ….. and without cables in sight

AoIP Version

The UX24-A67 is the perfect solution because it handles a third of its capacity through AoIP and keeps the rest for direct connections to the console. This allows :

  • The outputs for headphones and studio monitors will be in the console (and not in a distant rack …)
  • The 4-channel and 16-channel USB connections used by PCs (in front of the operator) will be on the console
  • The Main microphone inputs will be on the console
  • The AES3 / Spdif Inputs / Outputs of the control table devices are in the console (and not in a remote rack)
  • The inputs for Studio microphones (which are in front of the operator) are also on the console
  • In this way, the existing wiring in a studio is preserved without changes. Flexible cables attached to the tiny RJ45 connectors disappear from view because they are covered by the removable aluminium termination of the console

With 16 x 16 channels with Dante AES67 that gives us the additional power of the UX24

If, in addition to the studio microphones, you need to add further microphones, you can connect UDX-2MIC-A67 adapters and have remote microphones anywhere in the studios. If you need remote PCs, you can use an AoIP driver that generates virtual audio boards. You can also connect to the AoIP network, audio monitors, headphones, intercoms, adapters to AVIO cables, hybrids and any other compatible devices. There are no limits for Dante AES67 networks

The two technologies; integrated and AoIP, are present in version UX24-A67

The UX 24 console handles 2 Studios directly, but its large capacity allows it to handle other studies over IP. Its capacity of handling of 32 inputs allows you to operate new studies by IP from any PC or Tablet connected to the LAN network of the studio. It can also be operated using WiFi within the studios. Via remote,  a journalist or DJ can operate a radio program from home, using a standard PC. Using a PC with a Touch Screen, you have a Virtual Radio with ease of handling Production, Editing, News and Reporting studios.

The UX 24 has a USB connector to handle digital audio on 16 channels; 8 In x 8 out, which appear on your PC as 4 stereo WDM Play / Rec audio board. They are simultaneous ASIO & WDM 24-bit 48khz simultaneous audio connections, without delay, used in recording studios. The use of the ASIO standard allows the UX 24 to connect to free plug-ins,  VST (Virtual Studio Technology) to handle Reverberation, Vocoder, Special Effects, Synthesizers, etc.

You can modify the UX24 programming from its touch screen, without requiring external PCs. You can define input and output channels, assign names that will appear on OLED displays and functions such as microphones, lines, satellites, hybrids, cell phones, etc. There are also 3-band and 4-band parametric equalizers to assign them to certain inputs, as well as expanders, gates, compressors, limiters and De-esser. All settings that the operator makes can be saved as “Scenes” with the name of the operator or program in which these settings will be used. This way they can be repeated with the press of a button.

The UX24 handles AoIP over the Internet. t has 2 outputs and an input that are used for direct streaming, without a PC, or to connect to the transmitter site and repeater stations. There is NO need to purchase STL links. It also allows you to link to remote studios. The console is prepared for Multimedia Radio It has an IP connection to automatically control the camera switcher based on the sound level of the microphones. Choose the shots of the journalists who are talking at that time. In case of dialogue between them the switcher divides the screen into two scenes.

If you need more Faders… you can add them very quickly. The UX24 is ready to add the UX-6 extenders in a very simple way to take it to 18 or 24 faders. The console grows with your studio needs. We don’t know another IP console so flexible.


UX24 Console
UX 24 stand alone
UX24-A67 16 stand-alone channels + 8 Dante AES67 channels
UDX Adapters
UDX-2TEL Adapter 2 Telephone Lines
UDX-TEL + BLT Adapter one phone line + one Bluetooth cell phone
UDX-2BLT Adapter 2 Bluetooth for cell phone
UDX-USB Adapter one USB Play/Rec
UDX-2MIC Adapter two MIC boxes with Phantom
UDX-PROD Production adapter for 2 phone lines for the Production Studio with reception and generation of phone calls and automatic transference to the UX24 mixer
UDX-MIC One dynamic MIC preamp into a standard XLR female connector with 2.5 m cable
UDX-USB One USB play/rec with 2,5 meters cable
UX-6 Extender Extender with 6 faders for 18 faders at UX24. For 24 faders use two units
UX-BC Removable metal back cover to hide all the wires connected to the UX 24
Cable & Options
UDX-New Harness of cable & connectors Recommended for a new professional installation of Structured Cabling in modern radio studios
UDX-Compatible For use in existing installations of connectorized analogue consoles
HD3 Box 3 x Headset distributor, Talkback, to the master room, Tally, 2 stereo channels for HDP and studio speaker level
HD5 Box 5 x Headset distributor with Timer, Clock, Talkback to the master room, Tally, 2 stereo channels for HDP and studio speaker level
Tally Light Tally Light, On-Air red light with 70 mm high letters. 12V, 70mA
24 Channels
24 channels; 12 faders on the console panel that can be extended to 24 by adding UX-6 panels; 12 virtual faders operable from built-in touch Screen or any PC connected to the LAN network or from outside the radio station. Preset SCENES: The distribution of the 24 channels and the type of inputs is programmed by the operator. It can have 12 different scenarios programmed to change the distribution and number of channels in each program of the radio / TV station Mini OLED display in each channel, channel name, stereo input Vumeter, fader level & info
4 x MIC with phantom 48V // 4 x stereo LIN // 4 x AES3 digital stereo // 4 x USB digital stereo 16 x Unidex supporting 8 stereo lines, 16 additional MICs or 8 Telco systems Audio Processing independent in each input
2 x balanced stereo PGM // 4 x balanced stereo configurable // 8 x unbalanced configurable (mix minus) 4 x stereo AES3 // 4 x USB stereo // 2 x Dual Streaming AoIP stereo 2 x Control room, Stereo Speakers and Headphones // 2 x Announcer's Studio, Stereo Speaker and Headphones + Talkback
GPIO, Intercom, Auxiliary Devices
GPIO = 2 x Tally Light (STUDIO A and B); 12 VDC, 250ma // 4 x GPIO inputs, user configurable (active high 3.3 ~ 15v) 8 x GPIO Out user configurable (7 x open collector; + 24V @ 250 mA + 1 x 12V DC, 250ma) AUDIO = 1 x Stereo Air Monitor receiver Input // 1x Talkback Input from Studio 1 Talkback Output to Studio // 4 x configurable Intercom channels; front panel keypad N x Intercom PPT (talk-listen) on all TELCO channels with CUE button to talk privately with phone lines, cell phones, Skype, etc.
USB IN / Out
One USB 2.0 output supports 16 channels (4 play / rec virtual cards) ASIO 2.2 compliant driver with playback mix (simultaneous ASIO and WDM playback) It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit ASIO host applications. You can use VST plug-ins Multi-client support (multiple ASIO applications in parallel) Windows 10/8/7 (32 & 64 bits) // Volume and mute control through Windows standard GUI
Audio System Specificaction
24 Channels, 4x stereo bus mix + 1x PFL (CUE) bus 24bits SR @ 48 Khz Audio Processing in all user selected channels; 3 & 4 bands Parametric EQ, Expander, Gate, Compressor, Limiter, DeEsser in MICs Auto Mix-minus outputs & Talckback / intercom routing DELAY:   1.2 mS (Analog Line to Analog Out) // 1.4 mS (MIC In to Out using EQ + Level processor + De-Esser)
Digital In / Out (AES3, USB, AoIP)
 Dynamic Range: 120 dBA Freq Response: 20Hz-20Khz ± 0.1 dB THD: <0.002%
Analog Inputs
Input Level: max = + 26dBu, min = - 24dBu, nominal = +4 dBu Dynamic Range: 112 dBA Freq Response: 20Hz-20Khz ± 0.25 dB Harmonic Distortion: THD + N: 0.01%
Microphone Inputs
 Input Level: max = -24dBu, min = -75dBu, nominal = -50 dBu / 150 ohm NOISE: EIN @ -50dBu input = -121 dBA Freq Response: 20Hz-20Khz ± 0.5 dB Harmonic Distrortion: THD + N: 0.01% Individual + 48v Phantom ON / OFF
Analog Outputs
Support Flexible routing Balanced Output Output Level: Nominal = +4 dBu Max = + 24dBu Dynamic Range:> 110 dBA Freq Response: 20Hz-20Khz ± 0.5 dB Harmonic Distortion: THD: typ 0.005% @ 1Khz
Special Features
Flexibility: The UX 24 can be enlarged in half an hour by adding UX-6 extenders with OLED displays.  Built-in Touch Screen 7 ″ Display 1024 x 600 pixels w / touchscren Vumeters, ONAIR, Timers, Clock Channels In / Out Settings + Telco operation + Audio processors
Dante AES67 Option
This option keeps the stand alone configuration of the UX 24 with the exception of 4 stereo analog LIN inputs and 4 stereo Unidex inputs that are replaced by 16 AoIP inputs. The AoIP outpus are: stereo PGM, REC, AUX, Control Headphones, Studio headphones and 3 stereo channels user-routed. This Dante option manages 16 x 16 channels and is able to work in existing Dante networks up to 512 x 512 channels
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions UX24-12 faders: 730 mm wide // 455 mm deep (550mm with back cover to hide cables) // 130 mm height Weight:    UX24 = 8 Kg // UDX-Adapters = 0.33 Kg each // Kit of RJ45 cables = 4 Kg // Packing BOX of UX24 + Cables = 15 Kg Packing Box Dimensions:  850 mm x 610 mm x 270 mm
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Solidyne UNIDEX UX24


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