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The Solidyne MX2400 Codec-Mixer is a studio-quality digital audio system.
Robust and reliable, it is manufactured for hard use for many years. It has aircraft quality aluminium cabinet, very light and resistant.

It has an input/output USB to connect to Netbooks and Tablets. Also features a new internal CPU allowing the use of the 3G/4G cellular modems to transmit wirelessly to the Internet.
All potentiometers are conductive ceramic of one million operations (100 times more than your current console …)

The use of very low-power integrated amplifiers of the kind used at the spacecraft, allows you to have 16 hours of continuous use with NI-Metal rechargeable batteries.
Even in case of feeding the internal CPU plus the external 3G modem may be obtained over 6 hours autonomy.

The MX2400 encodes using standard MP3 audio streaming reproduced by Windows Media Player, Winamp or any other free software
MX 2400 allows simultaneous analogue and digital transmissions. It uses an internal telephone hybrid for terrestrial lines or cellular phones wirelessly connected by Bluetooth.

  • 10 channels of stereo digital audio with MP3 streaming
  • It works standalone using wireless 3G/4G modem
  • Internal audio processor, Bluetooth wireless cellphone link
  • Direct output to laptop or tablet PC using USB connection
  • It has inputs for five MIC balanced, with 48V Phantom
  • 3 balanced lines and one stereo unbalanced line.
  • 6 stereo jacks outputs for 6 handsets with internal distributor amplifier.
  • It has Analog stereo outputs and mono balanced, as well as Digital Ethernet output for direct connection to Internet via streaming audio TCP/IP in mono or stereo.
  • Using a 3G/4G standard modem it can be connected to the cellular Internet network . It allows broadcasting from anywhere in the world without costly links
  • It does not require an expensive decoder at the radio studio, because any PC connected at Internet can be used.
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