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The Solidyne HL202 controls two telephone or cell phone lines, Two or three HL202 units can be linked to handle four or six phone/cell lines. These units summarize our experience of 45 years in the manufacture of telephone hybrids for broadcasting.

This results in a system where excellence is set in the design, facilitating the work of the operator. HL-202 has sent and receiving audio limiters and compressors, as well as band-pass filters to automatically adjust levels and avoid saturation of telephone lines that often occur with other hybrid brands.

They can operate with any console model. The cabinet has rack-ears so they can be rack-mounted or operated on a table. Rejection exceeds 40 dB Then the audio quality on-air is so good that amazes your audience.

Rear panel. You can see the LINK connector to increase

the number of lines, without changing the existing HL-202

Each line allows you to set the exact line balance. It is adjusted only at the installation. A recording output allows you to use the hybrid without a console.

Each line accepts an auxiliary phone set usually associated with Production for attending income calls. When lines are on Hold the auxiliary phone set is disconnected.

Unlike other brands, this hybrid offers 8 dB cross gain to compensate for the losses of the lines. This allows for excellent conference levels between different callers.

Two or three hybrids can join with a connection

LINK to add up telephone lines or cellular.

Keypads have buttons illuminated by the light reflection of high visibility for error-free operation.


  • 2, 4 and 6 lines or cell phones in conference
  • 40 dB of local signal rejection
  • Simple operation with only 3 buttons
  • Output to console, with audio compressor, balanced +4 dBu
  • Sending to line with automatic level adjustment at 0 dBu
  • Filters bandpass to improve local rejection
  • Cross gain of 8 dB between lines to level the entire conference
  • Reflective illuminated keypads
  • Balanced and floating telephone connection, to cancel buzzing
  • Lightning protection with SIOV technology
  • High quality audio in the air, without local signal coloration

Solidyne HL202

  • LINEAS:2, 4 y 6 líneas telefónicas/celulares en conferenciacon ganancia cruzada entre ellas.
  • TECNOLOGIA:Híbrido Activo Automático con niveles de envíoy retorno auto-ajustados por limitador de audioy AGC. Líneas telefónicas balanceadas flotantesaisladas de tierra con transformadores deNíquel-Ferrita.
  • CONTROL POR AGC:Salida a consola con nivel constante independientede la línea telefónica, mediante limitador y AGC(Automatic Gain Control). Una variación de nivel de15 dB en la línea telefónica produce menos de 3dB en la salida a consola.
  • SISTEMA DE PRIORIDAD:El conductor del programa tiene prioridad parainterrumpir, produciendo una atenuación de 12 dBen el entrevistado.
  • FILTROS CANAL DE ENVIO:Filtros de limitación de banda para envío a línea TFcon respuesta 400 - 2.200 hz para eliminar la dis-torsión de retorno.
  • NIVEL DE ENTRADA AL HIBRIDO:Tiene limitador de audio para operar en formaautomática con señales de salida de consolaentre -5 y + 4 dBu.
  • NIVEL DE ENVIO A TF:-1/+ 2 dBu, medido sobre línea telefónica.
  • NIVEL DE SALIDA A CONSOLA:Ajustable -60 a +8 dBu, balanceado.
  • RESPUESTA DE SALIDA DE HIBRIDO:300 - 3.400 hz +/- 1 dB.IMPEDANCIAS:600 Ohms/ 10K en Envío y Retorno.
  • GANANCIA DEL HIBRIDO:Auto-ajustable entre 12 y 30 dB, según nivel enlínea telefónica.
  • DISTORSION ARMONICA:Menor de 0,2 % en salida a consola a 1 Khz.
  • NIVEL DE RUIDO:S/R mayor de 70 dBA, medido con línea artificial de 2Km.
  • RECHAZO DEL HIBRIDO:Mayor de 40 dB para +4dBu de envío a 1 Khz.Medido con línea artificial de 2 Km.
  • AJUSTE RECHAZO:Potenciómetro de 15 vueltas, independiente paracada línea. Se ajusta solamente al instalar.
  • AISLACION DE LINEAS:Entradas independientes, balanceadas y flotantescon transformador. Aislación 250 V/CA.
  • ALIMENTACION:220 / 115 V, 50/60 hz, consumo 5 VA.
  • DIMENSIONES:Montaje rack 19" módulo1 (44mm).

Solidyne DH400

  • FEATURES & TECHNOLOGY:Digital Hybrid with DSP echo cancellation,auto-adjusted levels of transmission andreturns by audio limiters and AGC.
  • Acoustic echo cancellation.
  • Auto answering system.
  • Speakerphone hands free for conference rooms and radio auditorium.
  • PC Remote control system. It works overa LAN network
  • Recording mode with auto-answering andseparate outputs for 4 lines
  • VQR system for restoration of originalvoice quality.
  • PHONE LINES:4 phone lines in conference, with cross gainbetween them
  • Cell phones: One phone line can accepta cell phone
  • CONTROL BY AGC:Output console with a constant levelindependent of the telephone line, by audiolimiter and Digital AGC.
  • 20 dB variation on the phone line produceless than 1.5 dB at the output to console.
  • INPUT LEVEL:Audio send to remote caller has audio limiterand band pass filtering to operate with inputsignals between –5 dBu and +8 dBu.
  • ECHO CANCELATION:Typical 45 - 60 dB of echo cancelation, using four DSP devices.
  • DSP PARAMETERS:DSP echo cancelation parameters are factoryloaded for quick use of DH400. But all param-eters can be modified by the user, using LCDdisplay
  • SENDING LEVEL TO PHONE LINE:-0 dBm +/- 1 dB, measured with2 km artificial line.
  • SEND FILTERS:Band-Pass filters in send channel, limitsresponse to 400 – 2.200 Hz for cancelingon-air sound coloration.
  • OUTPUT LEVEL:+4 dBu balanced.
  • Measured Over 600 ohms or high-Z.
  • Studio Speaker: 0 dBm.
  • Cue Output/Speakerphone: -10 dBm.
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:200 - 3750 Hz +/- 3 dB without VQR
  • Using VQR it restores audio spectrumbetween 50 - 12,000 Hz.
  • GAIN:Auto-adjustable from 0 to 25 dB,depending on line level
  • HARMONIC DISTORTION:Less than 0.1% @ 1 kHz, at balanced output.
  • NOISE:S / N over 60 dBA, measured withartificial line 2 km
  • More than 75 dBA using VQR
  • HYBRID REJECTION:Over 60 dB. Measured with artificial line 2 km.
  • LINE ISOLATION:Balanced and floating line inputs with theprocessor. Isolation 250 V AC.
  • OVERLOAD SAFETY:2 KVolt protection against lightning discharge using SIOV technology.
  • POWER:220 / 115 V, 50/60 Hz with a switch.
  • Consumption: less than 20 VA.
  • DIMENSIONS:Rack mount 19”, One module high (44,4 mm).
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