solidyne 562dsp

The Solidyne562dsp processor is 100% digital, equipped with several DSP units (Digital Signal Processor) that have a total power of 3.200 MIPS (million calculations per second). But, which is more important, the 562 uses DSP of fourth generation, that eliminates the rough digital sound and annoying artifacts, characteristic of the digital processors

The new processor 562dsp is able to generate three-dimensional sound spaces. Using the same technology used in the systems of virtual reality at the NASA or at the modern cinematography. This audio enhancement feature immerse the listener into a new experience.

SRS WOW® accomplishes this by providing a panoramic three-dimensional audio image while increasing perceived bass response well beyond the low frequency limitations of the receiver’s speakers.

  • Full signal and control are managed for 48 bits Texas Instruments DSP processors
  • 562dsp is very easy to control
    • Uses a well designed graphic display with icons and block displays
  • Remote Control from PC using Virtual Rack Technology
  • An optional Ethernet input allows controlling the 562dsp from any point of your LAN network or directly connected to Internet
  • MIC Start input allows that whenever the microphones are opened, the 562 changes to a special processing program that obtains the perfect processing for the voice of your speakers.
  • Has the option for digital inputs and outputs (AES3), and MPX output and simultaneous analog balanced output for Internet streaming.
  • Optional RDS generator
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Solidyne 562dsp

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