Solidyne 2600 digital mixing consoles are a new concept for radio and TV studios. It can be installed in conventional analogue or digital studios using the existing wiring. Then evolve towards Audio over IP systems (AoIP) based on control surfaces.

This will fully use your existing investment in equipment already installed.

But later, by simply adding modules, can go climbing investment toward an studio

Only Solidyne can offer you this flexible technology that allows increasing investment in your station only when required.

  • New look with a low-profile cabinet
  • Illuminated pushbuttons, CPU controlled
  • Electronic Routing audio without mechanical contacts
  • User programmable from the front panel
  • Feather-touch Ceramic faders with a 20-year life
  • Timer-Clock and Stereo Phase Vector are now standard
  • Digital VU meters 24/32 steps, dual RMS & Peak
  • Send BUS with Mix-Minus for Skype / IP Vox
  • CUE programmable multimode
  • Switching power supply multi-voltage, stabilized
  • AoIP option for STL link through the Internet
  • Virtual2600 option, for remote control of the console
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