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The Sielco Sielco PolyEco 1000 is the innovative family of high-end digital FM transmitters of Sielco. They are especially suited as high-performance power system exciters or compact low-mid power transmitters. The same cabinet may in fact be fitted with 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000W power stage (PolyEco50, 100, 300, 500, 1000).

Lightness, compactness and ease of use along with “Full-Digital” processing make them the most innovative and versatile equipment currently on the Broadcast market and allow performance and functionality nowadays unimaginable with current analogue ones, assuring the absolute compatibility with all analogue and digital audio sources.

All features can be controlled via the large touch-screen display 4.3” or remotely. Many advanced features are inside by default in the basic version such as stereo and RDS encoder, audio change-over, remote-control via LAN and SNMP, “FFT” spectral analysis of the audio sources, SFN synchronization and much more. Other functionalities are then available as options (audio streaming, MP3 player, N+1, ecc.).

  • State of art of the transmitter performances
  • LCD colour display with rotary encoder for easy setting and reading parameters
  • Extremely low distortion: THD, IMD & TIM
  • Highest stereo performances.
  • MPX, L/R, SCA1, SCA2 primary and reserve.
  • AES-EBU XLR & Optical, Audio IP.
  • Remote control for telemetry LAN, RS485 and web server.
  • All digital DSP processing and elaboration.
  • DSP board add-on for SFN applications.
  • Memory for different function settings (frequency, sensitivity, power, etc.).
  • N 1 system management included.
  • High performances stereo encoder included.
  • Proprietary RDS option included.
  • Also available in 100 and 300 watt
*Frequency range : from 87,5 to 108 MHz other ranges available on request *Transmitter tuning steps : 10/100 KHz *Modulation Type : FM  Digital Direct Carrier Frequency FM Modulation *Audio and Mpx input level : from -6 to 12 dBm @ 75 KHz deviation *Auxiliary input channel level: SCA from -12,5 to 3,5 dBm @ 7,5 KHz deviation RDS  from -24 to -8 dBm @ 2 KHz deviation *Modulation distortion : 75 KHz dev. 0.02% typical S/N ratio, mono: 30÷20000Hz  >76 dB, 83 typical CCIR   >75 dB, 79 typical *S/N ratio, stereo 30÷20000Hz  >72 dB, 77 typical CCIR  >68 dB, 72 typical *Audio channels frequency response :30÷15000 Hz  ±0.1 dB *MPX input frequency response  30÷100000 Hz  ±0.1 dB *Pre-emphasis time constant .:0μS, 50μS (CCIR), 75μS (FCC) *Rated RF output power : 30W - 100W- 300W *Output power ALC stability : ±3% *Harmonic and spurious emissions : <70dB (harmonic), <80 dBc (spurious) *GPS Synchronization : External / Internal with Digital PLL *RF output connector : N *Power supply :Single phase  115÷230 Vac 10/-15% *Total consumption at rated RF power : 85W *Operative temperature range: suggested  from 0 to 35 °C extreme  from -10 to 45 °C (50°C max with derating) *Relative humidity  up to 95% not condensing *Dimensions (WxHxD) :483x88x440 mm *Weight : 5kg
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