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Sielco EXC 1600GX model is the 1600W compacttransmitter of the innovative GT family produced by Sielco. It is appreciated for the great efficiency and versatility due to three main reasons: LIGHT weight, MINIMUM size and LOW consumption. To buy an EXC 1000GX, as anyone other model of the GX line, means to make a winning choice, to enjoy all the relevant advantages during all the life of the product and to spare money: less transport costs, less needed space to install it and the lowest energy consumption during the work.

The EXC 1600GX is simple to set up: very easy to configure thanks to the intuitive human interface equipped with an elegant LCD graphic display, a multifunction jog control and only a few other control buttons. The high flexibility of this compact transmitter could be even increased through the use of important options like: telemetry/remote control systems, Ethernet connection with SNMP protocol, high quality stereo encoder, audio digital board in accordance with AES/EBU directive and RS232/485 serial port to enable an easier integration with other instruments. The modern and attractive design of our GX transmitters reflects the state-of-the-art technology of this trustworthy model that requires a few maintenance and that
allows to spare time and money.

Stereo encoder
Digital Audio Option
GSM Telemetry Board
Ethernet Board

  •  Audio backup
  •  Built-in Stereo Encoder
  •  TCP/IP with Web browser and SNMP
  •  Dynamic RDS Encoder GPIOs
  •  FM Limiter with MPX power control
  •  Expert Maintenance Reporting
  •  Silence detection and intelligent failover
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Sielco EXC 1600GX


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2-Year Warranty


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