screen service 5w

This Screen Service 5W VHF III Band TV exciter is a recent model and was used only as a standby unit. It is sold in perfect working order and will be tuned to the customer’s frequency.

The apparatus is equipped with the following modules:

– Reference 10 Mhz;
– DVB-T COFDM Modulator SPI/ASI in
– IF processor and ALC
– Synthesized oscillator channel (UHF)
– Up Converter
– Power supply and tool measurement/control

The transmitter is capable of operating both in technical SFN (Single Frequency Network) in which MFN (Multi-Frequency Network).
Accepts at its input signal from SPI or ASI MPEG2 Encoder / Multiplexer
The transmission parameters are adjustable from the front panel.
The output power of this device is 2 Watt RMS Digital.
Particularly useful for small repeaters Gap-Filler or to drive the power amplifiers.
The transmitter can ‘be calibrated over the entire VHF Band III (Channel D – H2 170 – 230 Mhz).


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