rvr tex102tft 100w fm transmitter

The RVR TEX102TFT, produced by R.V.R. Elettronica, is a compact frequency modulation broadcast transmitter capable of transmitting in the 87.5 to 108 MHz band in 10 kHz steps, with an adjustable RF output up to a maximum of 100W with a standard load of 50 Ohm.

The unit is aligned and calibrated at the factory at the time of production. Due to this manufacturing process, no field adjustment or alignment is required. The unit is adjusted and calibrated at the factory at the time of production. For this manufacturing process, no adjustment or adjustment is required. The factory tolerances are: – Maximum nominal output power: 60 dBm ± 1 dB – Minimum nominal output power: 50 dBm ± 1 dB –

The TEX102TFT is capable of delivering up to 300W with an efficiency of around 80% The operating frequency is guaranteed by a reference oscillator with temperature compensation and maintained by a PLL (Phase Locked Loop) system The exciter reaches the frequency lock at a maximum time of thirty seconds from power on.
  • New Generation FM Transmitters with 4.3” TFT colour touch screen.
  • New Planar technology on the RF Section for extended durability.
  • New enhanced ventilation with a patented open-cell polymeric air filter.
  • New control board for ventilation and temperature operations.
  • New heatsink and re-engineered air cooling system.
  • New patented power supply for better performance.
  • New RF Filter with isolated cells for better electromagnetic compatibility.
  • New Audio management section directly from the front panel.
  • New embedded RTC Option for automatic power change at specific hours.
  • Unit noise was drastically reduced.
  • Full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR standards.
  • Standard Frequency Range: 87.5 - 108 MHz.Other bands are on request.
  • 10% - 100% Output Power continuously adjustable.
  • Low distortion and intermodulation values.reliable operation.
  • PFC Power supply for enhanced energy saving?
  • Inputs: Analogue Stereo L&R, Mono, MPX.
  • Auxiliary input for SCA / RDS signals.
  • Optional: AES/EBU
  • Optional: RDS encoder option with basic or advanced features
  • Optional; WEB, SNMP2, GSM, Serial remote control.


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