rvr tex1003tft 1kw fm transmitter 1


1000 Watt Stereo FM Transmitter

RVR TEX1003TFT is A high-quality modern transmitter at an extremely low price, compact, non-deformable, and light because it is made of stainless steel chassis. It guarantees high continuity of operation in any working condition through an automatic control (ALC) and Foldback protection with adjustable output power from 10 to 100%.

RVR TEX1003TFT has standard L&R, Mono, MPX, and SCA / RDS analog audio inputs, with the possibility of TOSLINK and optional AES / EBU as well as the integrated RDS encoder (UECP standard Low distortion values, a high signal-to-noise ratio, combined with saving of energy and environmental resources of high yields (over 70% on the whole band) ensures an excellent transmission service.

Limited maintenance is facilitated by extreme accessibility, resulting from advanced modular engineering, and by a water-washable air filter.

RVR TEX1003TFT is A complete control based on an ARM microprocessor, from interactive menus on TFT Touch display of all the main parameters and an integrated WEB / SNMP telemetry system (optionally) to guarantee full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR regulations.

  • New Generation FM Transmitters with 4.3” TFT colour touch screen.
  • New Planar technology on the RF Section for extended durability.
  • New enhanced ventilation with a patented open-cell polymeric air filter.
  • New control board for ventilation and temperature operations.
  • New heatsink and re-engineered air cooling system.
  • New patented power supply for better performances.
  • New RF Filter with isolated cells for better electromagnetic compatibility.
  • New Audio management section directly from the front panel.
  • New embedded RTC Option for automatic power change at specific hours.
  • Unit noise was drastically reduced.
  • Full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR standards.
  • Standard Frequency Range: 87.5 - 108 MHz.Other bands are on request.
  • 10% - 100% Output Power continuously adjustable.
  • Low distortion and intermodulation values.reliable operation.
  • PFC Power supply for enhanced energy saving?
  • Inputs: Analogue Stereo L&R, Mono, MPX. Optional: AES/EBU        . option
  • Auxiliary input for SCA / RDS signals.
  • RDS encoder option with basic or advanced features                        . option
  • WEB, SNMP2, GSM, Serial remote controls.                                       option
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