rfmondial rf se19 drm monitor

The RFmondial RF-SE19 is a professional DRM/AM/FM monitoring and measurement receiver, which is available in different models depending on the desired application.

The outstanding reception characteristics are based on a high-performance frontend with a digital direct down-conversion system approach. The field-proven digital baseband demodulator provides access to all needed measurement and monitoring parameters. Furthermore, various modular blocks like RSCI capability, audio and data decoder, alarm feature,
browser-based GUI and RF monitor connections are available to suit the specific needs of the desired application.


  • Mobile measurements
  • Modulation quality and parameter measurements
  • RSCI logging and analysis
  • High accuracy field strength measurement
  • Content verification
  • Integration into RFmonitor network
  • Fully compliant with DRM standard incl. xHE/AAC and all data services
  • High-end fuly digital tuner
  • Advanced GUI to evaluate receiver characteristics in real-time
  • Proven long term stability
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RFmondial RF-SE19


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