RFmondial DRM ContentServer

The RFmondial DRM ContentServer is a highly reliable professional broadcast system for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) based on Fraunhofer technology. It provides all data and audio services and offers all interfaces for smooth integration into the broadcast chain.

The reliable one-box solution to get your content on-air

The RFmondial DRM ContentServer is a flexible and highly reliable professional broadcasting solution for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale). It combines internal audio encoding, support for remote audio encoders, multimedia data management and multiplex generation. A convenient and user-friendly web interface enables configuration and system monitoring via remote access (ContentServer-as-a-Service concept).

The RFmondial DRM ContentServer is a complete headend system possessing triple functionality:

Internal audio encoding and support for remote audio encoders
Multimedia DataServer
DRM Multiplex Generator

Application and target audience
The system is typically located in the studio, in a playout centre, at the transmitter site, or within dedicated network provider premises – with full remote control for administration and data provision. Whether a community station, a local or regional broadcaster or a network provider, the system’s functionality perfectly complements your needs.

For receiver manufacturers, the “Developer Edition” achieves close to 100% test coverage for signalling, audio configurations, data services and multiplexing options.

Always up to date
Thanks to continuous development, the ContentServer technology provides broadcasters with the latest standard upgrades and improvements New features that come with the RFmondial DRM ContentServer include, for instance, automatic audio loudness normalization and monitoring as well as additional IP-based audio streaming source interfaces.

Perfect match
Various versatile interfaces for audio and content provision pave the way for straightforward integration into studio playout systems and complex broadcasters’ and network providers’ environments.

Keeps you on air – at all times
The ContentServer technology has earned a worldwide reputation for the highest reliability and quality. This is further enhanced by powerful redundancy features (even linking remote sites).

  • Convenient, user-friendly web interface for configuration and system monitoring via remote access (ContentServer-as-a-Service concept).
  • Powerful monitoring system controlling all system functions including content provision.
  • Internal audio encoders with AES67-AoIP live audio input (Livewire, Ravenna) and consumer-type streams (Icecast/SHOUTcast), internal soundcards (with optional adaptive resampling, SRC) or file upload, as well as advanced support for remote audio encoders.
  • Support for all DRM specified audio codecs and audio configurations, including MPEG xHE-AAC, legacy AAC, and 5.1 surround sound.
  • Loudness normalization amplifies or attenuates the incoming audio to obtain and maintain the target loudness level specified in Loudness Units relative to Full Scale (LUFS).
  • Backup audio encoding makes the ContentServer switch automatically to a pre-defined backup/standby audio source in the event that the primary audio source fails or signal errors – such as silence – are detected.
  • Audio Cross-Redundancy: Deploying a new Smart Silence Detection technology, ensures perfectly valid multiplex outputs from all ContentServers of a redundancy group even if a live audio input source fails.
  • Data provision via established protocols such as UECP, FTP/HTTP or XML/JSON RPC API.
  • With its natively included Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) import interface for DRM EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality), the ContentServer automatically creates EWF alarm announcements and EWF program content for DRM transmissions.
  • Automatic creation of playlists as Journaline pages: the list of recently played songs is derived from the Text Message Plus (TM+) information and accessible to the listener through Journaline.
  • Redundancy Group operation allows two or more ContentServers to be connected locally or even works across remote sites while providing a single configuration and data upload interface, as well as time-aligned reconfigurations with frame-synchronous MDI output.


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