RDF Products DTI 100B

The RDF Products Model DTI-100B DF Bearing Synthesizer is a precision test instrument designed to facilitate calibration, testing, troubleshooting, and performance verification of RDF Products DF receivers and bearing processors. Functionally, the DTI-100B allows the operator to precisely synthesize a selected bearing (azimuth) that can be displayed on the DF receiver or bearing processor under test. In either case, meaningful system testing and evaluation (particularly with regard to bearing accuracy and sensitivity) can be conducted without the DF antenna. This in turn eliminates the requirement for time consuming and expensive outdoor field tests in most cases and permits rapid and convenient DF receiver and bearing processor testing and evaluation in a controlled indoor environment.

The DTI-100B is well suited for use as a DF bearing calibration standard. Its accuracy is guaranteed by careful selection and matching of its critical precision components. The DTI-100B functions equally well for DF systems employing either quadrature phase or dual frequency DF antenna X-Y axis encoding tone formats.

Significant improvements have been incorporated into the DTI-100B as compared to the DTI-100A that it replaces. First, the DTI-100B features full 16-azimuth selection as opposed to the 12-azimuth selection available in the DTI-100A. Second, a modulated 5 MHz comb generator with useful harmonic output up to 1000 MHz has been added that functions as a built-in RF signal generator for many tests. This latter feature is particularly useful in field situations where an RF signal generator may not be available. Finally, an RS-232 interface has been included so that azimuths can be selected via a host computer.

The DTI-100B is compact, self-contained, simple to operate, and suitable for both laboratory and field use. DC power is provided by the host DF receiver or bearing processor to which the unit is connected.

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