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The RDF Products Model DMA-1306B1 is a dual 4-aerial VHF/UHF monopole Adcock single-channel radio direction finding antenna covering 65-1,000 MHz in three bands (65-200/200-450/450-1,000 MHz). This rugged, compact, light-weight, weather-sealed unit is specifically designed for mobile DF applications and is easily installed on cars, vans, utility vehicles, or any platform having a sizeable metallic ground plane. The aerials do not need to be changed to cover the full specified frequency range, and are easily removed for convenience of shipping and storage.

Being of a true Adcock design, the DMA-1306B1 avoids the erratic performance associated with inferior loop DF antennas and provides sensitivity and listen-thru capability superior to that of comparable pseudo-Doppler units. The DMA-1306B1 has also been designed with exceptional signal-handling capability for reliable performance in dense signal environments. The unit is particularly attractive in that it offers ultra-wide frequency coverage in a modestly-sized package.

The DMA-1306B1 directly interfaces with all RDF Products DF receivers and bearing processors via a 4.5-meter interface cable. With its built-in personality module, the unit automatically conveys model and band information via RS-232 to RDF Products “B”-series DF processors.

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