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Note: This TV transmitter system is at our warehouse in Northern Ohio, USA.

This R & S 10kW NV 7640 is a new UHF, never commissioned complete television transmitter system. This model according to the R&S specification sheets offers an RF output power rated at 10.4 kW for (ATSC) and 6.4kW (DVB-T).  The number of RF output power amplifiers is 16 units.   The system is within two full factory racks.  Currently, the original MediaFLO exciter is with the system  We have a hard to find new in the box replacement R&S #2083.7800 ATSC encoder card which includes the Reed – Solomon encoder, data interleaver, Trellis encoder, MUX, and pilot insertion.

The central control unit, full water cooling system and heat dissipator, RF EIA 3 1/8 inch transmission line switch, line dehydrator, full dummy load and full power bandpass filter are included with the system.

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R & S 10kW NV 7640


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