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The OMB MT/MR PLATINUM FM >1GHz (Studio-to-Transmitter Link) is composed of a transmitter and a receiver of STL. The 5W transmitter is externally synthesized in 10MHz sub-bands and it is controlled by a 100KHz steps microprocessor. Through the LCD display, users can check the following parameters: frequency (6 digits), forward and reflected power, and modulation level. It has balanced mono and stereo (MPX) inputs. The double conversion receiver is externally synthesized and has the same information features as the transmitter; it has balanced mono and stereo (MPX) outputs.

  • Balanced mono and stereo (MPX) inputs.
  • LCD reading of frequency (6 digits), direct/reflected power and modulation level.
  • SWR fold-back protection.
  • The receiver has double conversion and is externally synthesized with the same characteristics as the transmitter.
TRANSMITTER MT PLATINUM >1GHz FREQUENCY ERROR <2.5ppm (3' from ON) FREQUENCY STABILITY <1ppm/year RF OUTPUT POWER 5W MAXIMUM REFLECTED POWER ALLOWED 1W HARMONICS <-60dBc SPURIOUS <-70dBc, typical -80dBc RF OUTPUT IMPEDANCE Connector N(F), Impedance 50Ω AUDIO/MPX INPUT LEVEL -3.5 to 12.5dBm at ±75KHz deviation AUDIO/MPX INPUT IMPEDANCE 10kΩ/600Ω, balanced/unbalanced S/N RATIO (30-20000Hz rms) Mono: >70dB (76dB typical) Stereo: >66dB (72dB typically) STEREO SEPARATION >50dB (100-5000Hz) >45dB (50-1500Hz) AUDIO CHANNEL FREQUENCY RESPONSE 30-15000Hz ±0.1dB AUDIO OUT-OF-BAND ATTENUATION >50db at f≥19KHz COMMON MODE REJECTION >50dB, typical 60dB (20-15000Hz) AUDIO INPUT CONNECTOR XLR(F) AUX. CHANNEL INPUT LEVEL -12.5 to 3.5dBm at ±7.5KHz deviation -24 to 8dBm at ±2KHz deviation AUX. CHANNEL INPUT CONNECTOR Connector BNC, Impedance 10KΩ MPX/MONITOR OUTPUT LEVEL 0 to 10dBm at ±7.5KHz deviation PRE-EMPHASIS TIME CONSTANT 0/50/75µs ±2% MPX INPUT FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10Hz-100KHz ±0.1dB AUX. INPUT FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10-100KHz ±0.2dB INPUT/OUTPUT LINES Alarm, RF/LF disable, direct power, on the air, RS232 for monitoring and control CONSUMPTION (MAINS) 50W maximum at 90-250VAC CONSUMPTION (BATTERY) 1.8A at 24 VCC DIMENSIONS 2 standard rack units of 19” WEIGHT 8Kg RECEIVER MR PLATINUM >1GHz NOISE FIGURE ≤10dB IMAGE FREQUENCY SUPPRESSION ≥50dB, typical 60dB DYNAMIC SELECTIVITY >+10dB @δf=300kHz >+35dB @δf=500kHz >+45dB @δf=1.0MHz AM SUPPRESSION >45dB USEFUL RF LEVEL -90 to -10dBm (7µV-70mV) TYPICAL SENSITIVITY (SIGNAL/NOISE=60dB) -90dBm (7µV) mono -70dBm (70µmV) stereo FI MONITOR OUTPUT 10.7MHz/0dBm FREQUENCY RESPONSE IN DEMODULATED LB OUTPUT 15Hz-120kHz +0.1/-3dB DEMODULATED LB OUTPUT LEVEL +6dBm MPX OUTPUT LEVEL -1.5 to +12dBm, 0.5dB/step MPX OUTPUT FREQUENCY RESPONSE 15Hz-67kHz +0.1/-0.5dB MONO/STEREO FREQUENCY RESPONSE 30Hz-15kHz ±0.1dB MONO OR STEREO OUT OF BAND ATTENUATION >50dB at f≥19KHz DE-EMPHASIS TIME CONSTANT 0/50/75µs ±2% S/N RATIO (30-20000Hz rms) Mono: >70dB (76dB typical) Stereo: >66dB (72dB typical) MODULATION DISTORTION AT 1KHz (100% DEVIATION) ≤0.1%, typical 0.03% (mono) ≤0.3%, typical 0.2% (1 stereo channel) TYPICAL STEREO SEPARATION >50dB (100-5000Hz) >45dB (50-15000Hz)
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