marian serapg 8

SERAPH 8+: Your studios’ missing link for analog excellence

THE solution for the high quality integration of analog signals in a digital recording environment. 
With a pristine analog audio circuit built around 8 excellent AD/DA converters, the SERAPH 8+ reveals, what was so long missing: Those fine details of analog signals after their conversion to the digital domain; that little extra of sonic quality and openness in sound that the DAW didn’t seem to provide when playing back with other soundcards… Now, finally, the SERAPH 8+ bridges this gap between analog sound expectation and digital reality – and the full 24bit/192kHz support is only one of the reasons to ensures this…

Powered by the “BEAST” all signals of the 8 analog inputs and outputs can be refined using up to 4 great sounding analog-feel EQs in every channel. The full-range MIDI controllable DSP mixing desk offers furthermore 5 pre/post aux-sums, and a super-flexible routing for all of the 48 channels of the mixer – practically latency-free and all without putting additional processing load on your host-CPU. Using the modern and super fast PCIe interface along with customized transfer functions, specifically designed and optimized for high quality analog audio transfer, the SERAPH 8 will be the ultimate link between analog equipment and a modern DAW…. And much more…

  • 8 Analog I/O
  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz
  • "Beast" DSP powered
  • Multi-Card Support
  • TDM SyncBus
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Marian SERAPH 8+


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