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Lucoro FMTX50

The FMTX50 is a fully integrated 60W Stereo FM broadcast system with 5-band processing, stereo and RDS generator in a single, highly compact 2U rack-mount chassis.

The result is a truly first-class transmission system for cost-conscious radio stations that demand uncompromising performance.

The audio processor provides gain control, five bands of compression, plus composite clipping and digital FIR 15kHz filtering. The slow ‘gain riding’ optimizes long-term audio level variations, whilst the multi-band limiter perfectly controls the sonic signature of all types of program material, making any format type – from talk shows to hit music formats – loud and clear.

Expensive frills, flashy lights, and complex controls usually associated with audio processors are a thing of the past, resulting in a ‘plug and go’ optimized FM broadcast solution.

The internal RDS encoder operates without the need for a data feed to the transmission site. The content can be updated by the user at any time, via the FMTX50’s USB port from a Windows PC or Laptop.

  • Adjustable RF output power up to 65 Watts
  • Multi-band audio processor built-in
  • MPX stereo subcarrier generator built-in
  • RDS Encoder built-in
  • Latest enhancement mode FET RF amplifier
Dimensions: 2U 88 H x 482 W x 350 D (mm) Weight: 5.0kg Audio input: XLR 600ohm +8dBu RF output: N female 50ohm I/O Control: 9-way D-sub female Frequency: 87.5 - 108MHz Output Power: 10 - 65W Harmonics & spurius: -75dBc typical RDS Groups: PS, PTY, TP, TA, PI, RT, AF Voltage: 100 - 250Vac 50-60Hz Compliance: EN302018, EN301489
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