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The ITALAB ARCHIMEDE 5000 solid state transmitter with a maximum output of 5.5 kW, it uses  6 pallets of  1250 W each totalling 7.5 KW power dissipation. It can operate from a single-phase or three-phase AC power connection. The ARCHIEDE 5000 amplifier utilises a total of 3 switching power-supplies of 3000 W each that offer small size, low weight and with a good power reserve capacity. The ARCHIMEDE amplifier output is fully adjustable from 500 – 5,500 W.


  • Ultra compact size and reduced weight.(Archimede3000/4000:28kg, Archimede5000:35kg)
  • .Thoroughly modular construction. The R.F. amplifier is composed of ultra-compactnew-generation internal modules(their numberdepends on the model). Such modules can be easily identifiedand inspected
  • .High reliability. Thanks to the internal balance circuits, in case one of the internal modules fails, the other modules left are automatically re-balanced, thus to continuingthe operation at reduced power.
  • Better reliability.Per each model the rated output power is reached at nearly the 80% of the maximum output power the equipment could generate.
  • Low operation costs. The special care taken in the design, aimed at minimizing internal losses, allows a very high electrical efficiency to be achieved thus minimizing power consumption and thereby reducing operation costs.
  • High ventilation and low heat sinking. The reduced internal losses and high overall efficiency minimize heat sinking. As a result,thesize of theinternal ventilation system canmeet even the most demanding environmental conditions.
  • Large allowable bandwidth and low maintenance requirements.Interactive control panel with LCD display. Enables the user to easily set the equipmentmodes and commands and to display the operation parametersthrough the practical multifunction knob.
  • Sturdy modular mechanical and electrical construction. It guarantees a high MTBF and an easy maintenance.
  • High efficiency. To control the output power level the output power loop control adjustsfirst the power supply voltageof the MOS FET and, if it’s not sufficient, it adjusts the Biasvoltage.
  • Continuouscontrol of the cooling fans speed.This control allows a constant temperature of the amplifier heatsink, and a longer lifespanof the cooling fans.
  • Automatic resetwhen an active alarm ends. When an active alarm ends, the equipmentis able to automatically reset itself, without the need of human intervention.
  • Simple diagnostics and unambiguous parameters reading. This is due to a comprehensive metering and alarm section on the control panel. Thanks to the optional external telemetry system, parameters and alarms are easily accessible from remote posts through the relevant remote control input.
  • Compliance with the strictest norms. Theseequipmentsweredesigned in compliance with the tightest international norms, as well as the recent, strict anti-magnetic noise ECrequirements.Besides, the equipmentscomplywith the EC and ETSI 302.018-2 v (2006-03) standards.
  • Please notethat the manufacturer, in his continuous attempt to improve further the quality of his product, reserves the right to vary the technical features of the Falcon High Power modelswithout prior notice.
  • Warning! Before carrying out any operation, it is essential to read the whole of the present manual –with particular reference to Chapters2and 3–in order to avoid damages to objects and people.
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