inovonics aaron 655

The INOVONICS AARON 655, a new HD Radio receiver in the firm’s line of rebroadcast (translator) products. The AARON 655 employs a sensitive FM / HD Radio SDR-based receiver that invariably returns to the programmed frequency and reception mode following a power interruption. In addition to FM and HD1-8 program sources for rebroadcast, the 655 accepts analog, AES-digital and streaming program inputs with fallback-priority selection. Outputs are FM-stereo-multiplex (MPX) as well as both analog and AES digital program line outputs and output streaming.

IP connectivity with a Web-browser interface permits total remote control of the unit from any PC or mobile device, along with remote audio monitoring. Local GPIO failure alarms are augmented with email notifications, alarm logs, and full support for SNMP operation.

Comprehensive audio processing includes gated and ‘windowed’ AGC, a unique ‘syllabic’ leveler, three bands of compression, and both wideband and independent HF limiting. 4 sections of parametric EQ, a ‘Bass Punch’ utility, independent Density and Loud/Smooth adjustments, and variable composite processing round-out the processing function. The AARON 655 includes an onboard RDS encoder that can either pass or regenerate incoming RDS, and can also reformat HD Radio ‘PAD’ data for RDS retransmission.

  • Uncompromising DSP-based (SDR) receiver performance

  • Accepts program audio from analog FM, digital HD1 through HD8 programs, streaming sources and analog or AES-digital line inputs, all with assignable failover audio backup

  • Audio processing with AGC, parametric EQ, bass ‘punch’ enhancement, multiband compression, independent broadband / HF peak control and composite clipping

  • A regenerated and peak-controlled composite/MPX output, plus balanced analog and AES-digital program line outputs for exciters with built-in stereo generators

  • An internal RDS/RBDS encoder that can customize incoming off-air RDS data, convert HD Radio PAD to RDS, convert streamed metadata to RDS, or receive IP Telnet data

  • An intuitive remote-control Web Interface with remote audio monitoring; self-logging reception alarms give instant email and text notification

  • SNMP remote monitoring and control of all AARON 655 functions

  • A built-in BandScanner™ for a snapshot of the local RF spectrum

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Inovonics AARON 655


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