im eletronica imqt 1000

The IM Eletronica IMQT 1000 transmitter provides excellent functionality and flexibility for the broadcaster. The advanced PDM modulation correction and automatically adjusted power supply operation voltages yield low distortion figures from 10 watts to 1700 watts. Direct digital synthesis technology ensures a pure and stable RF carrier frequency.

  • 4 independent modules 2.000W can operate up to 8.000W.
  • Clock Embedded with power reduction programming.
  • Automatic -Religamento in case of power failure.
  • Control Remote via the Internet (optional).
  • Registration Event logs on the transmitter
  • Preparado For automation transmitters patio.
  • Adjustable power -Níveis independent in computer form.
  • Communication Telemetry fiber optic, USB, WiFi, Internet - (optional)
  • Synthesized -Oscilador
  • Three-phase power -Power 12 pulses, complete diagnosis with digital LCD meters, output filter with anti-lightning protection, PWM modulator, 64 stages.
  • Harmonic Audio Distortion: Less than 1% (THD) 95% modulation between 30Hz to 20KHz.
  • Carrier deviation: Less than 0.8%.
  • Damping Harmonic: Less than -75dB.
  • Noise:-66dB med gone the nominal power.
  • Frequency stability:+/- 2 Hz measured between 0C and + 50C.
  • Audio Input:600 ohms balanced, adjustable from 0 to 15dB for 100% modulation.
  • Food: Biphasic ouTrifásica 50 / 60Hz, other customer requirements.
  • Efficiency: Greater than 89%.
  • Power Factor: Less than 0.97
  • Output power and modulation capacity:5KW with 150% modulation.
  • 6,2KW with 125% modulation.
  • 8 kW at 100% modulation.
  • Range of Frequency:530Khz to 1700Khz.
  • Connection output, and impedance: direct connection to cable CELLFLEX 1/2 "50 ohms
  • Maximum VSWR:1.02: 1.
  • Audio response:+ 0.6 / -0.8 dB between 30-10kHz, reference 1kHz.
  • Humidity:0% to 95% condensate.
  • Dimensions:Height: 800 mm
  • Width: 480mm
  • depth: 780mm
  • Cabinet:aluminum with electrostatic painting


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