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The Gorgy Timing LEDI 7.60.S is a single sided LED Clock for indoor use that displays date or time to the second. Seconds are also shown in a circular wave  around the hour and minute LEDI 7.60.S can be synchronised by a master clock or a timeserver. In standalone and pulse version the user can set the time manually.

LEDI Clocks are perfectly silent and maintain a regularity of brightness with a 160-degree viewing angle. The front face is coated with an antiglare and anti-scratch surface that delivers a 60000 : 1 level of contrast. This display can be set in red, green or yellow (optional white or blue).

Housed in an anodised aluminium case, LEDI can be fixed with a wall mount (screw lock) or flush mount with simply “plug and play” installation. An EMC filter provides protection against over-voltage and industrial interference. All

LEDI Clocks are offered with digit sizes from 50-110mm, as Indoor and outdoor versions, single or double-sided.

  • Standalone TCXO quartz time base
  • France Inter (EUROPE)
  • GPS
  • Pulse 24V reversed parallel minute or serial reversed 1/2 minute pulses
  • AFNOR NFS 87500
  • IRIG B : shall be specified on Purchase order
  • ASCII RS232, ASCII RS422/485
  • DHW 869.525 Mhz
  • NTP Ethernet 10/100 BaseT automatic detection :RJ45
  • NTP POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11B/G standard)


Dimension 390x390x99 mm (LxHxD) mounting bracket:160 mm
Digit height Hour/minute:70 mm; Seconds : 50 mm
Wave of seconds:60 points
Viewing distance:30 meters
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Gorgy Timing LEDI 7.60.S

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