glensound gs pot001

The Glensound GS-POT001 is a useful and robust pot box that accepts an unbalanced audio input on a single XLR connection.. Allows a pair of headphone or an earpiece to have remote level adjust by an operator who may not be next to the headphone amplifier. A loop through XLR will continue the audio signal if required.

There are 2 versions:

In this version, the POT acts as a balance between both inputs. Panned full left, the left input goes to both ears, panned full right, the right input goes to both ears. In between each end, the control then acts as a level mix between the left and right inputs, allowing the user to achieve a varied mix level between the left and right input in both ears.

In this version, the POT is a normal stereo attenuator between the incoming level, and the level to the headphones. This is the normal operation expected from a POT box.

  • Provides adjustable level control for a headphone connection
  • Full size volume/PAN control
  • 6.35mm jack socket for headphones
  • 3.5mm jack socket for an earpiece
  • Audio in on female XLR socket
  • Loop output on male XLR socket
  • Front and back has metal overhang to protect connections
  • Mounts on or under desk
  • Includes belt clip


Height:35mm excluding belt clip, 45mm including
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