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The Glensound GS-NX6/F8 mixer range allows five different input modules. Any combination of the following channels can be built into a mixer to your requirements. All of the input modules use full length faders and have PFL.
A no obligation quote is easy to obtain. Just let us know how many of each type of channel and what optional extras you would like and we will offer you a surprisingly economic price!

Microphone Channel
A high quality electronically balanced microphone channel with switchable 48v phantom power. A course gain control gives a microphone input range from approximately -70dB to -30dB for zero level out.

Stereo Line Channel
Quality electronically balanced inputs with a coarse gain control of +/- 10dB. A & B inputs can be switched to L & R outputs for stereo to mono & mono to stereo.

NEW Twin input Stereo Line Channel
As the stereo line channel, with a front panel switch to select the channels input from 1 of 2 sources.

Mono Line Channel
Quality electronically balanced input with a coarse gain control of +/- 10dB.

Outside Source Channel
As the Stereo line channel but with a clean feed mix minus output. A front panel microphone with compressor can be switched for talk back to the outside source.

TCBU Channel
As the outside source channel but mono and designed to interface with an offboard TCBU.

Facilities As Standard
Twin LED ppms can be switched to monitor the output of the desk, a tape or an external input.

Operators headphones can be switched to either follow the PPMs or to an external cue input.

Front panel talkback mic connects to an external TB output.

Optional Extra Facilities

1) Tape starts (from line input channels)
2) Loop closures when mic channel faders open
3) LS feed (cut when mic channel fader open)
4) LS feed (dim from talkback, plus cut from mic channels)

  • Highly reliable, simple design
  • Modular configuration, with sold top panel
  • Available from two faders up to 30 faders
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Glensound GS-NX6/F8


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