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Glensound GS-NX6/F10

Our well known GSGC4&5 ISDN units are ideal for self operation by commentators and reporters but this new mixer is for use at larger sports events that boast the luxury of an operator. One main requirement was to keep this unit as small and lightweight as possible. The overall size is only 407 x 308 x 127 mm and the overall weight is only 5700 grams.

Using identical terminal adapter and codecs as developed for our GSGC4&5, all dialling, calling and software configurations are exactly the same. Any of the current four Glensound Codecs can be fitted, namely G722, APTX, DUAL (G722 & APTX), or MPEG Layer II which again is really a dual codec because it also operates at G722. An X21 port is fitted on the rear panel so that it is possible to feed an external TA or a satellite terminal.  This version includes the G722 codec only.

Basically an eight channel mono mixer, all channels are Mic/Line switchable and have phantom power. Full length faders are fitted with simple momentary PFL buttons. EQ facilities consist of a switchable 12dB/octave high pass filter and a mid range bell shape control to provide +/- 10dB at either of two frequencies. Each channel also has a channel gain control as well as an auxiliary gain control feeding a separate auxiliary mix bus. An output toggle switch can route the channel output to compressor A or B or both.

Two independent compressors are provided so that one can be used for the commentators while the other can take care of the crowd effects. Each compressor has an adjustable threshold level of +/- 10db, a three position switch to set the recovery time as fast-auto-slow, and a second three position switch to set the compression ratio as 1, 5 or 10:1. the 1:1 position acts as a by-pass switch. Four LEDs are provided with each compressor to indicate the degree of compression.

Available on jacks are individual outputs after the A & B compressors, a final mono output and the auxiliary output. In addition there is a full line drive capable of the final mono signal on an XLR.

Three LED column PPMs are provided, two measuring the A and B outputs while the third is switchable between the main M output and the auxiliary output. A simple 4 input mixer is also provided for the operators headset. Inputs are main output, PFL, Cue programme (the return feed from the ISDN circuit) and a local jack input. The cue input can also be overplugged from a local source if required. Internal links are provided so any source can be fed to either or both ears.

Similar four input mixers are provided for two pairs of commentators headphones. On these mixers however, the PFL input is replaced by a talkback input.

A front panel mic is included so that the operator can talk to either commentator or the main output. He can also record a short ident signal that can be repeatedly played to the main output. This ident signal can be up to 16 seconds, any unused time being filled with 1kHz tone. The recorded message will be remembered even in the absence of power.

Although normally operated from AC Mains (switch mode PSU 115v to 230v) it can be powered from an external 24 volt battery.

  • 8 channel mono mixer mic/line switchable
  • G.722 ISDN modular codec
  • Two independent compressors
  • Two commentators' headphone outputs
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