glensound gs mpitbu002 2

The Glensound GS-MPITBU002 houses a GS-MPI005 2G Broadcasters’ Mobile Phone and a GS-PASTE201 in a 1U 19″ rackmount. The GS-MPI005 is powered from a 12V PSU and the GS-PASTE201 is passive. Both units operate independently from each other.

  • Provides balanced audio input and output from a normal POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line
  • No batteries or mains required
  • Input compressor (prevents overloading of telephone line)
  • R/C & line balance controls
  • Internal tone generator for line balancing
  • QUAD band GSM works in most of the World
  • SIM card holder accessible from front panel
  • Use any networks SIM card
  • Balanced Line input on XLR
  • Easy to set input level control
  • Headphone output on 6.35mm Jack socket
  • Headphone volume control
  • Balanced Line output on XLR (this is the return feed from the studio)
  • Output level adjustment
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Glensound GS-MPITBU002


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