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We invented the Glensound  GS-MPI005 and GS- MPI005HD mobile phone racks have been hugely popular with broadcasters and can be found in daily use in outside broadcast trucks and studios around the World.

The completely updated GS-MPI005HD MKII is a mains powered 1RU subrack that can be fitted with up to two mobile phones featuring professional audio interfaces for connecting broadcast audio equipment to cell phone networks.

On the surface the new GS-MPI005HD MKII looks different as it has touch screen colour displays for each phone module fitted. A traditional telephone handset interface is also now provided to allow an operator to communicate off air before handing the call over to broadcast. The handset interface can also dial and answer calls.

No new modern piece of audio broadcast equipment is complete without an AoIP solution so the new GS-MPI005HD MKII has an optional Dante®/ AES67 card.

Of course the crystal clear sound and audio inputs & outputs that are interference free of cell phone noise that made the original units so popular also feature in this new design.

  • Next Generation Rackmount HD Voice Broadcasters' Mobile Phone Provides extended new features compared to previous devices, but retains proven reliable call quality
  • Touch Screen Colour Display Allows multiple new options for setup, control & easy day to day use
  • Handset interface for off air call screening Allows a user to have an off air conversation/ dial or answer a call via the handset before transferring the call to the XLR/ Dante® circuits
  • GSM/ 3G (UMTS)/ 4G (LTE) Calls Two different versions available, US and EU to allow users to select the range of frequencies that work best for them
  • Optional network audio interface Dante® (AES67 compliant) interface for both off air and broadcast calls
  • GPIO, programmable GPIO for interfacing to other studio equipment
  • 1RU Mains Powered Rack Wide range internal switch mode power supply
  • One or Two Phones in a Subrack The GS-MPI005HD MKII can be purchased with as a single phone unit or twin phone unit. If purchased as a single then it can be updated at a later stage by Glensound to become a two phone unit.
  • Unlocked Mobile Phone  The GS-MPI005HD MKII is an unlocked mobile phone and can be used on any network with any SIM card.
  • Front Panel SIM Card Slots For ease of change, SIM card slots for each phone are located on the front panel, these like their predecessors, are set such, that when fitted the SIM card is flush to the front panel and must be pushed in from this position to change it. This positioning makes it impossible to knock the SIM card by accident.
  • Audio Level Controls & Meters The touchscreen display menu system allows the line level audio input & output signals to be adjusted to match the connected equipment. When in this mode simple audio meters are also provided to indicate the current input/ output levels.
  • Audio Compressors  Being a digital audio circuit it is very important not to present the cell phone network with a signal greater than full scale, therefore a compressor limiter circuit is fitted to ensure that you have great sounding outgoing audio circuits. The same much respected compressor characteristics used on previous versions of the GS-MPI005 are used on this new MKII version.
  • Headphone Output  For easy monitoring of your audio signals a 6.35mm stereo headphone socket is fitted to the front panel for each phone. In the menu system it is possible to setup a mix of any of the unit's and phone’s audio sources to appear in the headphone output mix.
  • SMA Antenna Connectors  The SMA sized antenna connector used on the original GS-MPI005 have proved reliable and convenient in allowing customers to change the antennas to a type that suits their installation. Therefore the new MKII unit continues to use this connector, however as there are now diversity antenna outputs there are 2 SMA connectors for each phone module.
  • Balanced Line Level Audio Inputs/ Outputs  Each phone has its own XLR balanced audio inputs and outputs. These are the ‘Broadcast’ audio circuits and are completely free of any mobile phone interference noise.
  • Mains Powered 19" 1RU Subrack A wide input range (100 - 240 VAC) switch mode power supply is fitted terminated in an IEC plug with an internal fuse for Worlwide compatibility. The GS-MPI005HD MKII is a 19" wide 1RU high subrack.
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