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Glensound GS-CU004

The main input is switchable between mic, mic+12v phantom power, and line. The input has an adjustable gain control to meet a wide range of dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones. The input passes through a broadcast quality compressor/limiter circuit designed to manage the peaks of excited commentary.

There are two output circuits. One is used as the main programme audio, the other as a talkback circuit. There are separate button controls for each of these using Config+. They can each can be independently configured for latching or momentary, with the programme button also having a ‘cough’ feature. Both outputs are transformer balanced.

There are two monitoring inputs each with independent level control. Each of these inputs can be switched from the left ear, right ear, or both ears. There is a 4 LED level meter from -6 to +6 dB.

Battery power is from 1 x 9v PP3, or an external DC power supply.The GS-CU004 is often used as a remote link to the main commentary unit. It is favoured by pitch side interviewers, and is popular in combinations with wireless systems.

  • Complete commentary functionality in a small belt pack format
  • Main mic/line input is electronically balanced on XLR with adjustable gain control
  • Input is switchable from line, mic, or mic + 12v phantom power
  • Headphone output on 6.35mm jack socket
  • Two outputs: one for main programme audio, one for talk back circuit, are both transformer balanced
  • Independently configurable buttons for both outputs using Config+: latching, momentary or lazy
  • Two inputs for headphone monitoring on XLR, both with adjustable level
  • Headphone inputs have left/both/right switching
  • Belt clip
  • Battery powered via 1 x 9v PP3, or via external 12v DC
  • Maximum Dimensions (excluding belt clip): 153 mm x 104 mm x 43mm
  • Weight (excluding battery): 355g


MIC INPUT GAIN:-44dBu to –67dBu
MIC+ PHANTOM PWR GAIN:-36dBu to –59dBu
LINE GAIN:-1dBu to –24dBu
EQUIVALENT INPUT NOISE:119dBu (22-22KHz RMS gain @ max) Input terminated with 300 Ohms
FREQUENCY REPONSE (Mic-Line):50Hz to 20KHz <-1dBu
PHANTOM POWER:12 Volt Phantom power (P12L)
COMPRESSOR/LIMITER:Threshold approx Line up Compressor 3:1 ratio (approx)
THD+NOISE:< 0.25% (50Hz to 20KHz)
PPM METER:4 x LEDS (–12,-6,0,+6 dBu with reference to prog out)
PGM & TB OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:50 OHMS Transfomer balanced
FB & CUE INPUT IMPEDANCE:> 80K Ohms Electronically balanced
HEADPHONE ROUTING FB & CUE:inputs switchable to either or both ears
HEADPHONE LEVELS:Max +18dBu with 600 Ohms *****Warning high headphone levels can be harmfull to your hearing *****
OPERATOR SIDE TONE:Fixed @ -10dBu with reference to output send level
HEADPHONE IMPEDANCE:200 to 2000 ohms
POWER:Internal: 1 x PP3 9 volt battery
External: 12 to 20V @ < 80Ma 2.5 mm Jack (inner positive)
BATTERY LIFE:BATTERY INDICATOR Steady blue LED indicates good battery
Flashing blue LED indicates low battery
OVERALL SIZE:43 x 153 x 103 mm (H x W x D)
UNIT WEIGHT:355 Grams (including battery)
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Glensound GS-CU004


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