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The new RM-3 rack stereo powered monitor is the successor of the RM-2 model, new features include a THRU OUT, brightness adjustment of LED, and auto memory of Input / Output status via newly added DIP switch on the rear panel.

The RM-3 is the ideal solution for monitoring needs in various space-challenged environments such as machine rooms, video monitoring, surveillance, mobile and stationary control rooms, theme park applications where audio monitoring is needed in a compact environment.

It includes a built-in 10W+10W D-class amplifier and 110x40mm elongated shape speaker units, as well as heaphone out for headphone monitoring. When switching from headphone out to speaker out or vice versa, the output signal fades in to avoid unexpected level difference.

It also accepts both Analogue input (XLR & 1/4″TS phone) and Digital Input (AES/EBU).

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Fostex RM-3


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