Elenos ETG500 Solar Power

The Elenos ETG500 Solar Power 500 is now available for DC Operation in applications where AC Power is not available. The Elenos LPFM Indium series can now be purchased with a DC source option which is designed to operate with renewable energy such as photo-voltaic panels or wind turbines which natively produce DC power. The new ETG LPFM FM Transmitters require a DC input voltage of 48V (40 – 56 VDC) from photo-voltaic panels or other DC power source. The guaranteed audio and RF performance. Is identical to that of our Indium LPFM transmitters which use single phase AC. The typical DC to RF efficiency is 80%. The transmitter typical consumption is as follows: @150W RF: 250W DC & @500W RF: 800W DC.

GENERAL DATA Output Nominal Power 500 W adjustable Operating band 87.5 ÷ 108 MHz RS232/RS485 Yes. Connector DB9 female Points of measure RF Sample - MPX Monitor Displayed Parameters More than 50 parameters displayed on a wide graphic 0-LED screen Adjustments From the frontal panel through OLED/from PC Number of L-DMOS in amplifier stage 2 RF power stage technology ICEFET & ECOSAVING Dimensions: Rack units 2 RU Dimensions: W - H – D 48.5 - 8.5 - 58.5 cm / 19.11 - 3.35 - 23.05 inches Weight 13.2 Kg / 29.1 lbs Number of cooling fans 3 CONNECTORS RF output connector N-ytype Female MPX BNC Female LEFT & RIGHT XLR Female AES/EBU XLR Female AUX BNC Female Monitor/19 kHz BNC Female RF PERFORMANCE Output impedance 50 Ω Automatic power RF control Stabilizes the output power value to the Target power level selected Overall output power RF stability /- 0,1 dB VSWR 2:1 at full power. Automatic power reduction beyond 1.7:1. Transmitter is protected fro open and short circuit. Harmonics < -75 dBc Out of band emission (spurious) < -80 dBc AUDIO PERFORMANCE MPX input level 15/-10 dBu for 75 KHz standard deviation MPX level adjustment Soft adjust 0.1 dB steps from front panel MPX input impedance 5 KΩ selectable L/R input level 15/-10 dBu for 75 KHz standard deviation L/R level adjustment Soft adjust 0.1 dBu steps from front panel L/R Input Impedance Selectable 10 K - 600 Ω, balanced AES/EBU input resolution 24 bits AES/EBU input sample rate 32,44.1,48,96 KHz Automatically selected AES/EBU input level -20 dBFS - 0 dBFS AES/EBU input impedance 110 Ω balanced AES/EBU-Analog input automatic changeover Yes PILOT Amplitude adjustment Soft adjust 0.05% steps from front panel PILOT Phase adjustment Soft adjust 0.01 degree steps from front panel


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