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The Elenos ETG150 Solar Power Indium Series Low Power FM transmitter (LPFM)  also available in 500W are now available for DC Operation in applications where AC Power is not available. The Elenos LPFM Indium series can now be purchased with a DC source option which is designed to operate with renewable energy such as photo-voltaic panels or wind turbines which natively produce DC power. The new ETG LPFM FM Transmitters require a DC input voltage of 48V (40 – 56 VDC) from photo-voltaic panels or other DC power source. The guaranteed audio and RF performance. Is identical to that of our Indium LPFM transmitters which use single phase AC. The typical DC to RF efficiency is 80%. The transmitter typical consumption is as follows: @150W RF: 250W DC & @500W RF: 800W DC.


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