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Drive-in Movie Transmitter Package

DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATRES For many years, drive-in theatres have used a frequency on the commercial FM band to transmit the movie soundtrack to the car radios of spectators, and Lucoro transmitters are found in most of them all over North America, Canada and Europe for unsurpassed sound quality, coverage, reliability and longevity.

  • Adjustable output power, to provide good coverage of the drive-in theatre site, without broadcasting too far outside the site;
  • Sound quality, RF performances, reliability and longevity superior to that of the competition and with double the normal warranty (2 years).
  • Movie soundtrack can be listened to on the car radio, on a portable FM receiver or through wireless headphones.
  • Requires a transmitter for each screen, each one using a distinct FM frequency;

A compact high-performance portable drive-in system featuring  FM stereo. A spectacular sound experience for drive-in moviegoers. The Lucoro FM Transmitter broadcast system with integrated DSP Audio Processor, 16 times over-sampled Stereo Encoder and pure digital synthesis RDS Generator makes it simply the best outdoor movie theatre transmitter on the market. FM antenna wide-band 88-108 MHz, dipole vertical polarization, max input power 800W, input connector N female, Brackets included. Aluminum. Low loss feeder cable supplied (20m/66ft) complete with pre-fitted connectors make this drive-in movie transmitter system truly plug and play. You’ll be up and running in under an hour.

  • Flexible Cover: so that the cover is contained according to your needs, we guarantee an output power that can be adjusted according to different needs.
  • Omnidirectional transmission: The transmission performance of the device is guaranteed, it can transmit sounds on any FM frequency.
  • Excellent quality sound: Our brand entirely made in Italy guarantees high sound quality and RF performance among the highest in the telecommunications sector.
Dimensions: 2U 88 H x 482 W x 290 D (mm) Weight: 1.6kg Audio input: XLR 600ohm +8dBu RF output: N female 50ohm RF monitor: BNC female 50ohm (nominal -40dB) I/O Control: 9-way D-sub female Temperature: +0 to +50 C (-20 to +60 C extreme) Antenna system; High Gain Dipole c/w 20m low loss feeder cable Frequency: 87.5 - 108MHz (76MHz to order) Output Power: 0.05 - 1.5W Power stability: Better than 0.25dB Spurious (76-137MHz): <-100dBc (Fc > 500kHz) Harmonics & Spurii: <-70dBc (30-1000MHz) RDS Groups: 0A, 2A (others to order) Voltage: 100 - 250Vac 50-60Hz


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    Drive-in Movie Transmitter Package


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