deva broadcast db2003
The most advanced remote control tool on the market

The DEVA Broadcast DB2003 is an SNMP V.2 telemetry tool all in a class of its own. Developed to provide users with easy and flexible real-time monitoring and remote control options for RVR FM Radio Transmitters, this product brings efficiency and reliability coupled with a compact and practical design. It supports a variety of transmitter configurations and offers adjustable alarm thresholds for all important parameters. Alarms can be dispatched via email, SMS and SNMP.

What makes this product especially easy to use is the extremely intuitive embedded WEB server for interactive supervision. Status report via SMS is also available with the optional GSM Modem. DB2003 also provides a number of great additional features, such as the Factory Parameters Restore option, SNTP for automatic synchronisation of the built-in clock, as well as date and time settings in various formats.


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