DEVA Broadcast DB3010

DB3010 – FM & IP Audio Confidence Monitor

Full Fidelity Program Monitoring without Compromise

DEVA Broadcast DB3010

DEVA truly strives for innovation. Interestingly, the company is prepared to meet the evolving customer needs. In this quest, DEVA brings to the market an extension to our monitoring portfolio to stand out confidently against everything that is on the market – the DEVA Broadcast DB3010 FM Radio. Our debut tool supervises simultaneously the FM and the online stream of the radio station. It ensures perfect service and performance. The device also maintains full fidelity program monitoring.

It is affordable and rich in features though. The DEVA Broadcast DB3010 is a unique value proposition for new stations and for the ones in need of an upgrade as well. Nonetheless, internet radio is permanently the preferred medium for access to favorite music. Surveys show a progressive increase in the number of online radio listeners. The growth of technology and unlimited internet access influenced the market. DEVA is more than ready to respond with a device to supervise simultaneously the FM and the online stream of the radio station. Thus, we ensure immaculate performance.

In continued adherence to DEVA hallmark characteristics, the user-friendly operation, our confidence monitoring receiver guarantees crystal clear sound reproduction. This rack-mountable unit possesses two speakers to reproduce mid-and high-range audio frequencies. In addition, it reproduces one high-efficiency bass reflex speaker for high-quality sound, without a trace of distortion. The tool supports MP3 and PCM IP audio codecs. Moreover, DB3010 allows users to toggle through the FM and online stream of your radio station to confirm audio presence and quality in live broadcast environments. The device is compatible with the most popular streaming media platforms, Icecast and Shoutcast included.

Monitoring Solution

Moreover, this state-of-the-art monitoring solution has a built-in sensitive and high-selective DSP-based tuner. It allows the FM and online stream of the station to be selected, monitored, and listened to through top-quality speakers or headphones. This dedicated hardware does not only allow you to constantly monitor the sound of your station. It also measures and stores for future analysis the RF level, MPX deviation, and Left & Right Audio levels values. To boost performance, even more, the DB3010 comes with a built-in RDS/RBDS decoder for self-monitoring purposes. The rear-panel alarm GPOs, E-mail, and SNMP ver. 2C provides local alarm options, and online notifications in case of Stream and Internet loss or change in the RF, Left, and Right Audio Levels.

The DEVA Broadcast DB3010 has easy to read, high-resolution OLED graphical display and three ultra-bright LED bargraph indicators that allow reading the main signal parameters at a glance. The intuitive front panel navigation menu and set of four soft buttons, allow easy navigation through the menus and quick access to DEVA Broadcast DB3010 various functions. The tool provides fast remote monitoring and setup. Its WEB interface is accessible with no more than a click and you will be able to listen to both the FM Station and the online stream. The setup and control of the unit could be done through your PC, tablet or smartphone via a standard web browser. All operating systems are supported without a compromise.

With its extensive set of features to match the latest trends, user-friendly control options and guaranteed 24/7 operation, DEVA Broadcast DB3010 is the perfect asset for any radio station system.




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  • FM Band 87.1 - 107.9 MHz DSP-based Tuner
  • Up to 100 dBµV direct RF Antenna Input
  • Selectable wide range IF filter bandwidth
  • Selectable De-emphasis - 50µs and 75µs
  • RDS and RBDS decoder with BER meter
  • Wide angle, easy-to-read OLED display
  • Very Intuitive Navigational Menu
  • Quick Station access via 4 Presets
  • Real-Time Audio Program Streaming
  • Full fidelity radio program monitoring in only 1RU
  • Built-in WEB server
  • Easy to use WEB interface
  • Apple and Android devices support
  • Restore Factory Parameters option
  • Protected access to the device settings
  • Easy Installation and Setup
  • Wide operating voltage range: 100-240V AC
  • Bright bar graph LED metering of the RF and Audio Levels
  • Headphone output with front panel level control
  • Advanced Internet Radio Monitoring Capabilities
  • Automatically decodes MP3 and PCM IP Audio
  • Support of all standard bitrates and VBR as well
  • SHOUTcast / ICEcast compatible
  • Automatically displays live metadata for all standards
  • Adjustable alarms for Stream Loss and Internet Loss
  • DSP-controlled, high efficient class-D switching amplifier
  • An accurate 3-way speaker system
  • Two mid/high frequency speakers for excellent stereo imaging.
  • Active crossover for perfect separation between mid-range and bass bands
  • Magnetically shielded drivers that allow placement next to video monitors
  • SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
  • Level Adjustable, Balanced Analog Audio Outputs on XLR Connectors
  • Professional AES/EBU Digital audio output
  • LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoring
  • Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for RF, Left & Right Audio Levels
  • Alarm dispatch via E-mail, SNMP ver.2C and GPO
  • Firmware updates will ensure improved operation
  • Multi-point screw fixings ensured 19" aluminium case

IP Audio Player

Decoder/Supported formats:MPEG-1 Layer 3, raw PCM
Sample rates:32, 44.1 and 48 kHz
Bit rates:All standard bit rates, including VBR
Metadata decoder:Station/Streamer’s ID, Song/Title (artist and title or program name), Quality (streaming rate, encoding format, mono or stereo and original sampling rate)
Stream client:Shoutcast/Icecast compatible TCP/IP client

FM Radio Tuner

Tuning Range:87.1 to 107.9 MHz, Frequency Agile
Tuning Step:10, 20, 50, 100 kHz
Tuner Sensitivity:≤ 10µV for 50dB monaural FM S/N
Antenna Port:BNC Connectors, 50Ω
Internal Attenuator:0, 10, 20 and 30 dB
Dynamic range:100 dB

FM Demod

IF Filter Bandwidth:Adjustable from 10kHz to 150kHz
Frequency Response:±0.1 dB, 10 Hz to 86 kHz
Dynamic range:90 dB

Stereo Decoder

Frequency Response (L and R):±0.1 dB, 10 Hz to 15 kHz
SNR (Stereo):60 dB, 50 µs de-emphasis
THD:0.1%, 10 Hz to 15 kHz, 50 µs de-emphasis
Stereo Separation:50 dB, 50 Hz to 10 kHz, 50 µs de-emphasis

RDS Decoder

Standards:European RDS CENELEC; United States RBDS NRSC
Error Correction & Counting:Yes
Decoder:PI, PS, PTY, AF, RT, RT+, DI, MS, TA, TP, CT, ODA
Group Analyzer:Yes
BER Analyzer:Yes
Group Sequence Display:Yes
RDS RAW Data Display:Yes

Metering Accuracy

RF Level:1%, 0 to 100 dBµV, 1dB resolution
Audio:1%, +5.0 to -50.0 dB, 0.1 dB resolution

Amplifier & Loudspeakers

Configuration:Three-way with stereo mid/ high-frequency drivers & mono low-frequency driver
Power Output:2 x 6W (HF) + 12W (LF) with protective limiter
Crossover:250Hz, 24dB/octave, Linkwitz-Riley
Distortion, HF Outputs:< 0.1% - 1kHz, 3W output (below limit threshold)
Distortion, LF Output:< 0.05% - 100Hz, 6W output (below limit threshold)
Noise:Better than -72 dB below full output
Volume Control:Mute to Full, Front panel, Rotary type
Balance Trim:±32dB, Front panel, Rotary type
Peak Acoustic Level:98dB SPL @ 2ft


Analog Audio Outputs (L, R):+10 dBu, balanced XLR Connector
AES/EBU Output (L, R):5.0 Vp-p, 110Ω, balanced XLR Connector
Alarms:Programmable terminals on the rear panel, Optoisolated
Headphone:6,3mm (1/4") Phone Jack


Device discovery:UPnP support

Measurements and Log Storage

Storage:2GB Build-in Memory Card
Data format:Text, CSV

Power Supply

Voltage:100-240V / 50-60 Hz / 25W

Size and Weight

Dimensions (W;H;D):485 x 44 x 300 mm
Shipping Weight:540 x 115 x 300 mm / 4.5kg
BW Price Guarantee

(Subject to conditions)

DEVA Broadcast DB3010


Tech Support

2-Year Warranty


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