deva compact rf2ip hub

DEVA Broadcast Compact RF2IP Hub – Compact RF Probe Monitor

Reliable management of the RF probe network through a single compact tool

The DEVA Broadcast Compact RF2IP Hub is a compact and elegant solution intended to be used with our RF2IP Digital RF Power Monitoring Probe, which allows you to collect, monitor and store the measurements of a network consisting of up to eight RF probes.

A reliable product with a practical design, it comes with two LAN ports on the back panel – one specifically designated for effortless management and one for the RF probe network.

The eighteen LEDs on the front panel are an informative and useful feature – these are intended for Power, LAN, as well as Connection Status and Alarm status for each RF2IP unit, while the 16GB SD card stores log files of all measurements and events.

The product provides alarms for forwarding Power, Reflected Power, Return Loss, and VSWR for each probe. Alarm and Warning Thresholds are also available individually for each probe and each alarm.

Alarm notifications can be sent via email and SNMP. The product also offers a battery backup of the real-time clock in case of power failure.

The Compact RF2IP Hub has a built-in FTP server for downloading logs and can be easily set up and managed through the highly-intuitive WEB interface.

  • Up to 8 RF2IP Monitoring probes
  • Date & Time Settings with various formats
  • LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoring
  • Adjustable alarms for FWD, RFL, SWR and Return Loss
  • Firmware update for future-proof operation
  • Parameters Factory Restore Option
  • Alarm dispatch via E-mail, SNMP and GPO
  • Attractive price and very good price-performance ratio
  • Very Intuitive Embedded WEB server for interactive supervision
  • Proved and reliable hardware for 24/7/365 operating
  • SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
  • Compact and Robust Aluminum Case for high RF immunity
  • Protected access to the device settings
  • Wide operating voltage range: 100-240V AC
User Interface
WEB interfaceFull monitoring and control; Interactive and easy to use
Indicators18 LEDs on Front panel
Communication Interfaces
Control Ethernet10/100 Base-T; RJ45 connector
Probes Ethernet10/100 Base-T; RJ45 connector
Connector2 x RJ-45
Device discoveryUPnP support
GPO8 outputs, Open Collector type
Measurement Storage
Storage16GB Build-in Memory Card
Data formatText, CSV
Metering Capability
RF ProbesUp to 8 RF2IP probes
Operating conditions
Equipment operational between-10° and 50°C
Humidity<75%, non-condensing
EMC immunity6V/m
Power Requirement
VoltageExternal, 12V/1A
Power Consumption12VA
ConnectorPower Jack 5.5mm
Size and Weight
Dimensions (W;H;D)125 x 31 x 160 mm
Shipping Weight270 x 54 x 230 mm / 1.1kg
BW Price Guarantee

(Subject to conditions)

DEVA Broadcast Compact RF2IP Hub


Tech Support

2-Year Warranty


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TELEVISIONDEVA Broadcast Compact RF2IP Hub