deva broadcast band scanner 2

Band Scanner 2 – FM & MOD Analyzer

The latest, revolutionary iteration of the Band Scanner.

The DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner 2 is the latest DEVA FM Monitoring tool. It marks the sensational comeback of the original Band Scanner. Nevertheless, it is an upgraded, more versatile version that combines the functionality and parameters of several of our best-valued and best-selling products.

In keeping with the characteristics of its famous predecessor, this impressive tool does much more. It can measure RF level, MPX deviation, Left & Right Audio Levels, RDS and Pilot injection levels.

During a campaign, measurements are stored in a log file. Then, they can be easily converted into KMZ format and visualized in Google Earth.

To power, the system, all you need is the USB port of any Windows PC. With DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner 2, you can view playlists of the competitive stations. You can save and export these into Excel files.

The free-of-charge Windows software sweeps the receiver across the FM band. And also generates a spectrum display of carrier level versus frequency. Each carrier is analyzed.

Then it creates a station list. This sophisticated product further refines stations with an RDS presence to show all radio data groups transmitted.




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  • FM Band 64 – 107.9 MHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • MPX, PILOT & RDS deviation meters
  • External composite MPX and RDS input
  • Built-in Stereo decoder
  • LEFT and RIGHT level meters
  • Built-in 12-channels GPS Receiver
  • Measurement results visualization in Google Earth
  • Full feature RDS and RBDS decoder
  • RDS/RBDS Groups Detector & Analyzer
  • RDS/RBDS Stream BER meter
  • RDS/RBDS Data Logger
  • View playlists of the competitive stations
  • Saving and exporting the playlists to an Excel file
  • Compare the signal strength to competitors and other stations
  • Pocket size USB-powered box. No external power supply required
  • Tracking all the detailed histories saved in the RDS Data Log

FM Radio Tuner

  • Tuning Range:64 to 107.9 MHz, Frequency Agile
  • Tuning Step:50 kHz, 100 kHz, 200 kHz odd, 200 kHz even
  • Tuner Sensitivity:30 dBµV
  • Antenna Port: BNC Connectors, 50Ω
  • Dynamic range:100 dB

FM Demod

  • IF Filter Bandwidth:100 kHz, 200 kHz, Wide; User selectable
  • Frequency Response:10 Hz to 70 kHz; ±0.01 dB, 100 Hz to 60 kHz;
  • Dynamic range:90 dB

Stereo Decoder

  • Frequency Response (L and R):±0.1 dB, 10 Hz to 15 kHz
  • SNR (Stereo):60 dB, 50 µs de-emphasis
  • THD:0.1%, 10 Hz to 15 kHz, Wide IF filter
  • Stereo Separation:50 dB typical, 50 Hz to 10 kHz, Wide IF filter

Metering Accuracy

  • RF Level:±2 dB, 0 to 110 dBµV
  • Total, Pos, Neg:±2 kHz, 10 to 100 kHz, 0.1 kHz resolution
  • Pilot, RDS:±0.5 kHz, 1 to 12 kHz, 0.1 kHz resolution
  • Audio:±1 dB, -60 to 5 dB, 0.1 dB resolution
  • MPX Power:±0.2 dBr, -12 to 12 dBr, 0.1 dBr resolution

FM Antenna Input

  • Connector: BNC on the rear panel
  • Impedance:50 Ω

MPX (Composite) Input

  • Connector: BNC on the rear panel
  • Impedance:10 kΩ
  • Frequency Range:10 Hz to 70 kHz; ±0.01 dB, 100 Hz to 60 kHz;
  • Sensitivity:3.5 Vp-p @ 100%

RDS data decoding

  • Standards: European RDS CENELEC and United States RBDS NRSC
  • Error Correction: Yes
  • Group counting: Yes
  • Error counting: Yes
  • AF decoding: Yes
  • CT (Time/Date): Yes
  • PI, PTY, DI, MS: Yes
  • TA/TP: Yes
  • RT (Radio Text): Yes
  • PS (Program Service name): Yes
  • EON (Enhanced Other Networks information): Yes
  • PTYN (Program TYpe Name): Yes
  • SLC (Slow labelling Codes): Yes
  • ODA (Open Data Applications): Yes

GPS receiver

  • Number of channels:12
  • Antenna: Pre-amplified, 5m of cable, magnetic
  • Connector: SMA, rear panel

Frequency program memories

  • GPS Scheduler Capacity: unlimited
  • FM Tuner Presets: unlimited

Measurement storage

  • Storage: Database
  • Data formats: Microsoft Excel compatible format (CSV), Google Earth compatible KMZ, Proprietary Band Data format (bnd), Proprietary RDS Group Data format (grp), Proprietary Campaign Data format (cgn)

User interface

  • Indicators:4 LEDs, front panel

Operating conditions

  • Equipment operational between:-10° and 40°C
  • EMC immunity:6V/m


  • Type:USB 2.0 compatible
  • Connector: Mini USB, front panel

Power Requirement

  • Power supply: USB powered
  • Connector: Mini USB, front panel

Size and Weight

  • Dimensions (W;H;D):86 x 25 x 125 mm
  • Shipping Weight:230 x 70 x 172 mm / 0.533 kg
  • HS Code:8527212000
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DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner 2


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